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Mariano Rivera Injury Open Thread

I have to digress this morning to give you guys a forum to discuss the devastating knee injury suffered Thursday night by New York Yankees closer Mariano Rivera.

I know many of you are New York Yankees fans, as am I. And I know how awful thinking about this injury makes many of you feel. Personally, I am sick over it. To be honest, probably more so than an injury to anyone on the New York Giants roster could make me feel.

There is full reaction at SB Nation New York, including the difficult to watch video, Rivera's reaction, team reaction, writer reaction and more. Also, stop by Pinstripe Alley to see what Yankees fans there are saying, and check out Baseball Nation for even more reaction.

My apologies for the interruption. Today, however, is a tough day to be a Yankees fan and I wanted to give you a place to commiserate.