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'Friday Five' With Pat Traina, Post-Draft Edition

Today we have another edition of our Friday Five with Inside Football Editor Pat Traina. This week our focus is, of course, the NFL Draft and some of the questions that arise coming out of it. Be sure to check Pat's site for my answers to her questions.

Ed: What is your overall impression of what the Giants did in the draft? Did anything really surprise you?

Pat: The positions picked weren't really a surprise, but the order was. I didn't think they'd go so high for a running back - I figured maybe they'd go receiver first. I also thought they might go for a defensive end, but when they re-signed Kiwanuka, that took the edge off a bit. Otherwise, it appears to be a solid draft class. The good thing about the Giants is that they really don't have many glaring holes that can break their season.

Ed: Are you surprised at all that the Giants did not trade Osi Umenyiora during the draft, and what do you make of the latest back-and-forth between Umenyiora and Jerry Reese?

Pat: I'm not surprised at all. Osi has been grumbling now for what, three years, and he's still here? Reese holds the cards, and I think both sides know it. As for the chatter, that's all it is - just back and forth banter.

Jerry has thick skin and doesn't let much bother him. And as I said, he holds the cards. Osi can either fulfill his contract and enter free agency next year or if he opts to retire, the Giants will still hold his rights, which would keep him from getting the payday he wants. So really, Osi doesn't have much choice here unless he employs a similar tactic to what Shockey used to force his way off the team. And I don't think that's in Osi's personality, to be honest.

Ed: The Giants don't have a great track record drafting first-round running backs. Your thoughts on the selection of David Wilson?

Pat: On paper, it's a good pick. But the thing with any rookie running back is that he needs to be able to pass block and he also needs to be reliable with the ball in his hands, two areas that head coach Tom Coughlin mentioned were things that Wilson would have to work on as soon as he gets into camp. I don't think Wilson is going to start as the number two back out of the chute - he'll get there by the end of the year. Right now, though I think they will go with their experienced backs. With Bradshaw not expected to do much this spring, I think the two guys will be DJ Ware and Da'Rel Scott, in that order, though we'll certainly see a bit from Wilson.

Ed: The undrafted free agent with the best shot at making the roster is ...

Pat: I'm going to go with FB Joe Martinek out of Rutgers and not because I'm a Rutgers grad. While I don't see Martinek necessarily beating out Hynoski - Martinek's listed weight of 224 lbs. would appear to be a little light for a NFL fullback, he is a good receiver out of the backfield and if he can pass block, they just might have something there with him.

Ed: What holes do you think Reese will look to plug with free agents later on this summer?

Pat: Hmmm. I think it will depend on injuries, to be honest. But if I had to guess one spot, I'm thinking maybe they look for a veteran defensive end that's willing to accept a one-year deal. Right now their experience includes starters Tuck and JPP, and Osi (Kiwi can play defensive end, but I think they will keep him at SAM in the base and move him to a down lineman spot in pass rushing situations, the same as what they've done in the past. I know they have Justin Trattou, so we'd need to see how far along he is in his development. But based on what we know right now, I don't think they have that Dave Tollefson ‘jack of all trades" on the roster yet.