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New York Giants News and Notes: Broken Big Toes Hump Day Edition

Good morning fellow Giants fans. It's Hump Day, and I know you all can't wait to hear this--14 weeks until the start of the NFL season. And training camp begins eight weeks from tomorrow in Albany. It sure is nice to not have a lockout after last year's depressing start to the summer. Anyway, there isn't a ton of Giants-related news floating around, but here is a bit of it....

Tom Coughlin of New York Giants says Hakeem Nicks plans return by training camp - ESPN New York
" 'I'll be back for training camp' were his final words" during their Sunday phone conversation, Tom Coughlin told reporters Tuesday. "I said OK. I would accept a day or two after the start of camp, (that) would be fine." "I really appreciated his optimism," added Coughlin, who attended the Giants Foundation's golf outing at Westchester Country Club to benefit youth-related charities in the tri-state area. "He has a cast and is elevated. He told me he was pretty much pain-free."

Prince Amukamara Injury Update: Cornerback 'Feels Great' - SB Nation New York
New York Giants fans, who are crossing their fingers and hoping wide receiver Hakeem Nicks recovers quickly from his broken foot, should be interested in the progress of cornerback Prince Amukamara as well.

Tom Coughlin says NY Giants have no plans to bring Plaxico Burress back to Big Blue - NY Daily News
The Giants tried to bring back Plaxico Burress once. But they have no plans to do it again. With one emphatic shake of his head, Tom Coughlin made that clear on Tuesday morning, just before the Giants Foundation Golf Outing at Westchester Country Club.

You think Coughlin wants to be answering that question? He can't be happy with Gary Myers right now.

49ers RB Brandon Jacobs getting in shape for San Francisco debut - San Jose Mercury News
Jacobs, now coming off another Super Bowl-winning season with the Giants, wants his 6-foot-4 frame to look better than ever when he makes his 49ers debut this season. His goal: weigh less than 260 pounds for the first time in his eight-year career -- and for the first time since a college coach threatened to move him to defensive end if he eclipsed that weight limit.

It kind of ticks me off that Jacobs is making that kind of effort now. If he returns to bulldozing form because he lost a bunch of weight, he's going to hear it from us.

First and 10: Giants WR Rueben Randle - Sports Fans, Teams, Stadiums, Page 2 - Fandom Blog - ESPN Playbook - ESPN
First and 10: ESPN Playbook NFL rookie interviews Monday, May 28: Rueben Randle, Giants

Either this kid has a great publicist, or he is all that. Or both.

CAPUTO: Where the Lions compare to the rest of the NFC -
The Lions were at their very best, and it was before their injuries set in, when San Francisco came to Detroit and manhandled the Lions. The Atlanta Falcons, another playoff team, did the same the following week. Yet, both those teams were beaten by the Giants in the playoffs — Atlanta scoring just two points.

Interesting analogy, but that team is really talented, at least on offense. I wonder how the playoffs would have shaken out if we had to play them instead of the Falcons.

Defense eager to do more for 49ers | Alexis Terrazas | NFL | San Francisco Examiner
Defense may have not led to the 49ers prevailing over the eventual Super Bowl champion New York Giants during this past season’s NFC Championship Game, but it kept San Francisco in the game. It kept them in every game. That was why, during this offseason, 49ers general manager Trent Baalke made every effort to retain the possible free agents that made up the vaunted squad of ball-snatchers and hard hitters.

2012 Humana Challenge earns honor of 'Sports Event of the Year' | World Golf News
As the only golf event nominated in the category, the Humana Challenge beat out a dynamic field that included the 2011 Carrier Classic college basketball game (North Carolina vs. Michigan State), the 2011 NBA Finals between the Dallas Mavericks and Miami Heat, Super Bowl XLVI (New England vs. the New York Giants) and UFC 129.

The what won what? And beat out the Super Bowl? Was it Bradshaw's funky winning "sitdown?"