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Gary Myers Didn't Do This, Did He? Yes, He Did

Plaxico Burress with the New York Jets last season  (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)
Plaxico Burress with the New York Jets last season (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Gary Myers of the New York Daily News just had to do it. In the wake of Mario Manningham's defection to the San Francisco 49ers and Hakeem Nicks' broken foot, Myers had to go and start spouting Plaxico Burress to the New York Giants nonsense.

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Here is what Myers wrote.

Just a thought: Could Hakeem Nicks’ broken right foot lead the Giants to look into bringing back Plaxico Burress?

He’s not returning to the Jets — they’ve already reassigned his locker — and is still on the market as a free agent. He would give the Giants a veteran presence, especially in the red zone. He had only 45 receptions for 612 yards last year, but did catch eight touchdowns. One year ago, right out of prison, Burress to the Giants was a bad idea — it would have been a circus. Even so, the Giants still offered him a one-year non-guaranteed $4 million contract (the base was $1 million with $2.5 million in incentives and up to $500,000 in roster bonuses). He turned it down to take the Jets offer of $3.017 million guaranteed.

Sources insist the Giants were Burress’ first choice, but he couldn’t turn down the Jets money after all the income he lost being in prison for two seasons. Burress would be much less of a distraction with the Giants one year later after they won another Super Bowl. But he will be 35 in August and last year lacked the burst he had earlier in his career. Was it because of age or missing two seasons?

It's still a bad idea. And from where I sit it's about as likely to happen as Ryan Perrilloux beating out Eli Manning to become the Giants starting quarterback. In other words, it's not happening.

This isn't even a rumor. It is simply Myers, with no sources or indication that there might have been discussions, name-dropping to sell a few copies of the Daily News and drive a little traffic to the News' website. Which, unfortunately, I am probably helping him do right now.

Why would the Giants do this? Nicks is hurt right now. So, what? Indications are he should be back early in the regular season, if not for the beginning of the regular season. The Giants don't do panic, and they don't do the circus act -- at least not on purpose. Burress would definitely be a panic move, and I don't care how many years removed from the Giants or prison the guy is he would still be bringing the circus to town.

The high-profile veteran with a checkered past on the downside of his career is not the type of player the Giants sign. If they do sign veterans they go for the low-key guys for whom they have a specific role in mind -- like Deon Grant. Not guys whose primary role is to generate headlines.

Let's see what second-round pick Rueben Randle can develop into. Let's see if Jerrel Jernigan, third-round pick a season ago, can make the leap from non-factor as a rookie to productive player in his second season. That is what Manningham, also a third-round pick did. Let's see if Ramses Barden can finally do something to justify his spot on the roster. Let's see if Domenik Hixon has anything left after two torn ACLs.

And let's stop talking about Burress. Please.