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New York Giants News and Notes: OTA Hump Day Edition

Good morning fellow Giants fans. It's Hump Day, and that means it's time for our calendar--just 15 weeks until the NFL season kicks off. I have to say, I have a good feeling about 2012. We have a strong, young team that, despite a few areas of weakness, should be on the upswing. Maybe it'll be like 2008 again--where we dominated until someone shot himself in the leg, minus the part about someone shooting himself in the leg. Anyway, OTAs start today, so we should start to get a feel for some things--the least of which is whether or not Osi shows up and if anyone cares about that. Seriously though, the one thing you can count on with organized workouts is some fresh news material. So keep it here. With that, let's see what's happening...

Leo Roth: Eli Manning is no longer 'Peyton's little brother' | Democrat and Chronicle |
Calling him a great teammate, a humble role model, and a person who enjoys using his celebrity to benefit others through myriad worthwhile causes isn’t exactly going out on a thin limb. It’s like saying a zebra is a striped animal. He is what you see: the All-American kid from the All-American family, who happens to play quarterback with Jim Kelly’s toughness and Joe Montana’s calmness. After eight seasons leading the famed G-Men, good guy Eli is no longer “Peyton’s little brother,” someone the critics nitpicked apart right down to the “Why me?” look on his face anytime he threw an interception. With two rings to Peyton’s one, he is now inarguably a top-five quarterback who has punched his ticket for the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

I love that line about Jim Kelly and Joe Montana, and this is really a great article.

Giants rookie Matt McCants awaits challenge of facing Pro Bowl ends in practice |
Matt McCants was enjoying the challenge of facing undrafted free agents and tryout players looking to make an impression during the Giants’ recent rookie minicamp, all the while realizing it was merely a warmup. The big challenge would come when the veterans – i.e. arguably the best group of defensive ends – begin lining up across from the rookie offensive tackle.

Gene Frenette: Energized Tom Coughlin nowhere near retirement |
The NFL's oldest head coach looks, feels and acts as vibrant after eight seasons with the New York Giants as he did when he began his eight-year run with the Jacksonville Jaguars. You'd never know Tom Coughlin is three months shy of his 66th birthday. He has aged rather gracefully, almost as if time has stood still for him since the Jaguars fired him after the 2002 season.

NFL wins salary-cap fight with Cowboys, Redskins |
An arbitrator has upheld the salary cap reductions the NFL placed on the Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins for this and next season. Stephen Burbank ruled today in favor of the league and dismissed the grievances filed by both teams.

I know you're all grinning right now.

Seeing Giants get rings must irk Birds fans -
The fact that the Eagles have not won a championship in the Super Bowl era is an infected wound for Philadelphia sports. The obsession to acquire just one Vince Lombardi Trophy fuels levels of frustration that permeates our entire sports consciousness. Few, if any, Philadelphia fans will ever be complete until the Eagles finally win their first NFL championship since 1960.

Does 'Tebowing' belong in upcoming Madden NFL video game? -
Player celebrations isn’t exactly a new idea for Madden anyway. Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers does his wrestling belt dance celebration in Madden 12, now fans are just waiting for the famous salsa dance from New York Giants receiver Victor Cruz. Personally, I’d vote for the salsa dancing before the Tebowing.

When comes to pass rush, left side is less left out now - NFL - News, Rumors, Scores, Stats, Fantasy
Not since 2003, when the New York Giants' Michael Strahan registered 18.5 quarterback takedowns, has a defender who played predominantly on the strong side led the NFL in sacks. But a Sunday report from old friend Dan Pompei of the National Football Post, indicating that Mario Williams has requested to play left end with his new team, the Buffalo Bills, reminded of the trending reality that pass-rushers are lining up all over the place now.

Theismann: 'You weren’t worth anything' in my day sans bounty
Theismann tells TMZ that bounties came with the territory during his 12-year NFL career. "You know something, to be honest with you, if you didn't have a bounty on your head when I played, you weren't worth anything anyway," Theismann said.

I wonder if Roger Goodell called Theismann after this was published on Tuesday.

Drafting Fundamentally Sound Stocks For Your Portfolio -
In a letter to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders, Warren Buffett once said, "It's far better to buy a wonderful company at a fair price than a fair company at a wonderful price." The New York Giants must have been thinking something similar in 2004, when they traded two first-round picks and a third-round pick for the number one overall pick, quarterback Eli Manning. It wasn't cheap, but Manning has proved worth it, leading the Giants to two Super Bowl victories in the past five seasons.

I changed the settings on my Google alerts, so lucky for you guys, all kinds of crazy things like this come up now. It sure is interesting, though, how the Giants and their Super Bowl run and drafting strategies are used as the basis for comparisons of all kinds.

Utah teens earn award, trip to D.C. for volunteering | Deseret News
In addition to medals and $1,000 in prize money, Barron and Babb received personal congratulations from New York Giants quarterback and two-time Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning. "We got to talk to him for a little bit," Babb said. "It was very awesome." "He was very interesting," Barron added. "He was definitely not like your stereotypical football player. He was kind of quiet.

Who were your favorite 'SNL' hosts this season? |
Who do you think was the best host this season? Vote in our poll and discuss in the comment stream below.

Happy Hump Day, fellas. 15 weeks!