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NFL Owners May Make Hip, Thigh, Knee Pads Mandatory

NFL owners are reportedly set to vote on a proposal that would make knee, hip and thigh pads -- which many players stupidly resist wearing -- mandatory, beginning in 2013.

FOX says:

The rule's genesis stems from the belief that players would be afforded better protection, which falls in line with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell's safety initiatives. For example, some players who suffer bruised quadriceps muscles have been found not to be wearing thigh pads.

There are those players, though, who are willing to take that risk. Some players wear no padding or just use plastic shells that offer a lesser degree of protection.

I already gave away how I feel about this. I don't care about looking 'stylish,' I think players who don't wear the proper, full padding are just being dumb.

I hope, obviously, that the measure passes. This is a case of the NFL not only protecting the players, but protecting them from themselves.