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Eli 'Anxious' About SNL Gig

New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning participated Wednesday in a press conference to promote his appearance this weekend as host of 'Saturday Night Live.' Eli's brother Peyton hosted the show several years ago and drew raves for his performance.

Which is the funnier Manning. SNL executive producer Lorne Michaels said "we won't really know that until Saturday."

Manning did admit that he bypassed an offer to host SNL after winning his first Super Bowl partially because it was right after Peyton's highly-acclaimed effort, and that he is "anxious" about hosting the show.

Manning said that both his brother and John Madden, who hosted several years ago, have told him to "just enjoy the week."

Eli's teammates know him as a prankster, and while I can't see him being completely hilarious or at ease doing the show I think his SNL appearance might be more fun than you might anticipate.

Eli has already filmed several trailers for the show. Here is a look.