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New York Giants News And Notes: David Wilson Looking To Make Immediate Impact

The NFLPA held its Rookie Premiere event on Friday, and SB Nation was fortunate to have both writers and video people in attendance at the event. Joel Thorman of and Arrowhead Pride passed along some quotes from New York Giants rookies David Wilson, the first-round pick, from Virginia Tech.

Wilson told Thorman that the Giants are looking for immediate help from the rookie running back.

"They took me with their first pick and they want me to contribute right away. I'm putting my foot in the door," Wilson said. "Last year, they were low in the rushing game and they brought in a running back. They expect you to contribute. With Bradshaw, he's a great running back but not the biggest guy so we'll complement each other. Although we're both not the biggest guys, we run hard. That's all you can ask for a running back."

After the jump, a somewhat bizarre video from the folks at SB Nation YouTube who were in attendance at the event.

NFLPA Rookie Premiere: Brandon Weeden, Rueben Randle, A.J. Jenkins, and More (via sbnation)

Youth Football Initiative

The Giants are one of six NFL teams who will participate in the NFL's newly-launched youth football safety and helmet replacement partnership. The initiative will remove helmets that are 10 years old or older and replace them with new helmets at no cost to the beneficiary leagues and will provide coaches with the latest educational information to help keep their young athletes safer and healthier.