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Farley's Friday Football Fodder

Happy Friday fellow Giants fans! Sshhhhhhh. If you listen carefully, you can hear the wheels churning in Osi Umenyiora's head as he prepares his next PR stunt. I know one thing. LeSean McCoy could care less, especially after just signing a new 5-year contract extension with the Eagles. So McCoy has something that Osi does not. Of course, besides a big mouth, Osi has two other things that McCoy does not--one on each hand.

The Saints' Jonathan Vilma is suing commissioner Roger Goodell for defamation. We already knew Vilma wanted to see proof of why Goodell handed him a suspension for his role in the bounty program put in place by Gregg Williams. But apparently Vilma is taking things a step further. I don't have a problem with Vilma defending himself this way, but man, he can forget about ever getting back in Goodell's good graces now.

Meanwhile, articles about NFL players living a LONG time keep popping up these days. And I don't think that's a coincidence. Someone in the NFL's PR department is digging this stuff up.

Here is an article from Canton, Ohio about whether or not the Browns have quantity or quality at the wide receiver position. Um, yeah. Do they have ANY receivers? There's that Mohammed Massapequa guy or whatever his name is. Beyond that, that team hasn't had a receiver worth mentioning in a really long time.

Former NFL scout Daniel Jeremiah will join NFL Network. I think that's really cool--some talking heads can be blowhards, but scouts are almost always knowledgeable--and can teach us things we may never learn from the likes of, you know, Troy Aikman.

So the NFL is looking to renew the Bills' contract to play a game in Toronto each year for the next five years or so. To that I say, in my best Marvin Martian voice: "Oh, goodie!"

So Darrelle Revis is "gushing" about Tim Tebow? Yeah, they actually used that word. I wonder how Sanchez feels about that. I also wonder how Sanchez feels about Steve Weatherford ripping him this past week.

Amani Toomer is helping kids in a program for the NFL called "Fuel Up to Play 60," but he's not helping them run routes or catch passes. He's helping them by teaching them how to make healthier pizza. You know, I'm all for trying to eat healthier as much as possible, but it's not easy--especially when you realize that Pizza Hut still makes one of the greatest food inventions ever--the Meat Lover's.

So despite several former Giants not making the ring ceremony this week, two in particular were absent--the new 49ers' players Mario Manningham and Brandon Jacobs. I'm not sure why Jacobs didn't get there--he could have driven from San Fran to New York in about 3 hours.

Next time the Giants douse TC with Gatorade, they may want to read this article about George Allen. I mean, the article is written half in jest, but still.

I have a question. Are the Packers waiting a few more years to retire Brett Favre's No. 4 because the wounds of him leaving are still somewhat fresh? Or because there is always a chance of the old graybeard making another comeback?

The Giants received their Super Bowl rings on Wednesday night. Also this week, the Jets' Nick Mangold got his chest waxed on national TV. Yeah, so Gang Green has that.

Man, now I want a meat lover's pizza. And then for breakfast, one of these that I made on my blog recently. The bottom line is, I'm hungry again. How about you guys?

Anyway, have a great weekend and thanks for reading!