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New York Giants Super Bowl XLVI Ring Unveiled

Super Bowl ring three-quarter view
Super Bowl ring three-quarter view

The 2012 Super Bowl champion New York Giants get their rings Wednesday evening at Tiffany's in Manhattan. Wednesday morning the Giants unveiled what the ring looks like.

The Giants and Tiffany's came up with the ring design together.

"After a few meetings, Tiffany came up with several different options that they showed us and you kind of picked from there," Eli Manning said. "We wanted it to be little different than the last ring." [Eli visits CNN, talks Super Bowl ring etiquette]

"We wanted it to represent the four trophies and have that feeling that you made the best ring that you could have made," Justin Tuck said. "I think we captured that.

"We took in a lot of opinions. We all came to a decision to make this ring our ring, because everyone loved it. When Tiffany brought it in the last day, there was silence because everyone was thinking, ‘Wow.' It really captured everything we wanted to capture in the ring. Coach Coughlin was adamant about having ‘World Champions' on it. Plus they did a great job designing the ring to fit around our fingers and really look good on your hand - not just having a big, ostentatious ring on your hand. They worked on the balance of the ring when it's on your hand. I think Tiffany did a great job."

By the way, you can't go to the ring ceremony Wednesday. The Giants are, however, offering you a chance to try on a virtual Super Bowl ring.

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