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Adrien Robinson Quotes, 05.11.12

Q: How does it feel walking in here and putting on the Giants helmet?

A: It felt great. It doesn’t seem real. It seems real now, but it didn’t really sink in until today.

Q: Do you feel like a New York Giant yet?

A: Yes, sir.

Q: You didn’t have a lot of catches last season. Was that just a product of the offense?

A: Yes, that’s how our offense was. We had a great running back with Isaiah Pead – he got picked up by the Rams – so my role was to be a blocker and that’s just what it was.

Q: How eager are you to get some balls thrown your way?

A: I’m very eager, very eager.

Q: What are your strengths as a pass catcher?

A: Creating mismatches against linebackers and high-pointing the ball in the red zone because I’m taller and I can jump. So I think that would be to my advantage.