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Farley's Friday Football Fodder

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Greetings everyone....I hope you're getting ready to kick back and enjoy the weekend. Here are some random NFL thoughts to get your brain thinking about things other than work or that long list of chores your significant other has planned for you....

So last week, I posted an article from the Huffington Post that referred to the NFL as the "No Future League" and while I posted it semi-nonchalantly, some of you got into some very serious discussion about it. And it really made me wonder--could the NFL really wind up not existing as we know it, or at all, in 5-10 years? Well, here is an article that discusses, and mostly refutes that idea, and made me feel just a tad better.

Meanwhile, Junior Seau's family has decided to allow his brain to be tested for trauma....i.e., did his football career contribute to his compulsion to end his own life.

Wow, this column has started on a downer. What else do we have? I mean, it even makes this Bud Light Tickets for Life promotion seem a bit watered down, no?

Jonathan Vilma and others on the Saints suspended for their role in Bounty-gate are challenging Roger Goodell by appealing the suspensions and asking for the commish to "show me the proof." This should be interesting. I feel like Goodell will say something like, "You want proof? I am the commissioner and you are not." This writer thinks Goodell has taken things too far. What do you guys think?

Then of course, you can't escape this claim that NFL players live longer than non-NFL players. It was all over the news this past week. Seriously? Well, damn. I'm going to drive up to Green Bay this weekend and see if I can't make the team. Guy like me, 5'4", 170 pounds....I am possibly a shoe-in to play left tackle. Or maybe I can take Jacob Bell's place in Cincinnati. That guy sure took matters into his own hands, huh?

Do you guys think Ben Roethlisberger went back to Oxford, Ohio to finally graduate, or to party with hot co-eds?

So the Vikings are getting a new stadium. Whoop-de-do. But I also saw something else this morning that despite taxpayers funding the new stadium, they might be subject to TV blackouts. Yikes.

Hey, we could have replacement refs this season. Part of me is terrified, since the refs were awful last season, especially against the Giants. But then, maybe the less we see of Jeff Triplette, Gene Steratore and Jerome Bogar, the better.

Here is something I never thought I would see--a journalist saying the NFL should keep the Pro Bowl going. For real?

Hey, the Amarillo Venom signed QB Nate Davis. I thought some of you might be wondering who would run the Venom's offense. Um, okay.

Josh Beckett is more concerned about his golf game than pitching. Maybe he thinks he is Tony Romo in more ways than one. Hey, wait a minute. That guy is on my fantasy baseball team. Dude, get your priorities straight!

Here is more commentary on Tom Brady's hair. And more jokes about, "Well, he still gets to sleep with a supermodel." And you know, he does have that. Even if he doesn't have scoreboard on the last two Super Bowls he's been in. Oops! Sorry New England.

So I clipped this article the other day because it mentioned this woman who is a yoga instructor for the Giants. Then there are photos. You know, maybe hot women in yoga gear? The first photo is of none other than Tony Romo with his bride. Really?

Here are some great stories for Mother's Day including our own Mark Herzlich. I hope I don't have to remind anyone to be good to their moms and the mothers of their children this Sunday. I try to not let my wife lift a finger on Mother's Day, and it gets funny when I try to tackle her as she reaches for the dishwasher.

Hey, it's getting warm out, so we can get our grills fired up. If you guys have any great grilling ideas or tips, let's discuss them in the space below. I will tell you something I discovered recently--Trader Joe's Kobe Beef Burgers. Wow. They are sold in the frozen food aisle, and come two to a package. You have to thaw the burger completely before grilling. But let me tell you, it's worth watching that thing thaw if the end result is that it wind up passing your taste buds. Holy crap. It's close to the best burger I've ever had, and this is a frozen food item! Don't read the nutritional info though, because it has a crazy amount of fat and calories. But it's unbelievably delicious.

Sheesh, I'm getting hungry. Must be quittin' time on a Friday! Enjoy your weekend everyone......