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Tom Coughlin Press Conference, 05.11.12

Q: When you get these guys for the first time do you think back on other rookies you saw for the first time?

A: Oh sure. You always do. You compare them always to where they are, where the other guys were, what are the great stories about who could and who couldn’t do what and were they prepared for what they were going to get into when they first showed up and jogged out on the field for the first time. But it’s just nice to be outside and nice to have them here. Certainly the weather has cooperated for the player. It’s got to be a no-fatiguer out here today. It was nice.

Q: Any first impressions jump out on you?

A: I would reserve judgment on that. It’s a little bit of a Chinese fire drill for everybody and offensively, the only comment I made was you see where the center-quarterback exchange – the ball doesn’t always come up when it’s supposed to and everybody’s out there jumping around. The defense is lined up half the time the wrong way and that type of thing. So those are some of the things that have to be kind of ironed out. But when you figure you have your draft choices, your undrafted college free agents that have been signed and then the tryout people, they did all right. We made it out to the practice field today. Nobody fell down. We got into the stretch position and it was okay.

Q: How did the learning of the classroom material go over?

A: Okay, very, very simple; very fundamental. But it’s still a new foreign language for them. They did okay with that.

Q: Do you like the way the new CBA is working?

A: With everybody signed? Yeah. That’s one of the true advantages right there. They’re all signed as of right now as far as I know.

Q: Even Kuhn?

A: Jerry [Reese] just said, maybe it isn’t him; maybe he’s not done completely. But he expects to get it done.

Q: What can these kids hope to do to make an impression – even on the first day? What do you hope to see them do or what do you think their goals are as they get out here?

A: I’m sure their goal is, if they are unsigned, is to try to leave this camp signed. And if they are here under the guise of being drafted or a college free agent, they want to make a favorable first impression. That is the first sign we put up last night, "You never get a second chance to make a first impression." So that is basically what their goal is, I ‘m sure. And I’m sure they have been told by their agents exactly what they need to do when they come into camp to reinforce why they were drafted. So, believe me, it is so new and then when you come to the franchise of the World Champions, you can imagine what these young guys are going through the first time and to sit there last night and listen to us speak to them.

Q: You look at some of the new offensive guys you got – the draft picks – you guys think some of them are "NFL-ready" type guys. You can really tell their size, can’t you? Randle and the tight end – they are just big, big guys.

A: Yeah, big kids that are eager to learn. I was very impressed by Randle out on the field this morning. But they are all eager. And that is the good thing. And they are going to have to be "NFL ready."

Q: Sometimes with these guys they need to get a little bigger; a little stronger. But these guys look like…..

A: The strength part could help. There is still some work to be done there. And those two offensive linemen, I’m sure they are spinning. It is a lot different when they are lined up six inches from your nose. So they have some work to do. But they are anxious to learn. On paper McCants’ size is obviously a little bigger than we told you he was.

Re: an Adrien Robinson catch in the morning practice

A: Yeah, really his hands went up high fast and he made the really tough grab. It was a short range throw but it was on him quickly and he was able to react to it. And that was a plus.