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New York Giants News and Notes: Slow Monday Edition

Good morning fellow Giants fans. There is really not much going on the world of the New York football Giants, but there were a few bits of related news and some other NFL news you all might find interesting....

First of all, here is where Yahoo Sports' 2012 Free Agent Tracker stands. At first glance I just noticed that Cedric Benson and Joseph Addai are still sitting there, and wonder if they might be considered having a look at for depth. (note: sorry guys, I can't seem to find anything that says where the Giants are cap-wise).

Brandon Jacobs happy to join Frank Gore in San Francisco 49ers backfield - San Jose Mercury News
If running back Frank Gore happens to get hurt this season, the 49ers can turn to Brandon Jacobs. And if both Gore and Jacobs are available on third-and-goal at the 1, who gets the ball? "Well, being 25 or 35 pounds heavier than Frank, I'd hope I'll be the one to get it," Jacobs said on a conference call Friday, having officially signed the one-year, $2 million deal he agreed to March 28. "But Frank has done great in that area the last seven years," Jacobs added. "We came into the league the same year. He's done great. He has no issue getting in. It's whatever is best for the team."

Chad Jones thrilled to get back to work
For most Giants, April 16 marks the end of the party. It's the first day of the offseason workouts, the day that the Super Bowl victory earned only 10 weeks earlier starts to get pushed into memory and the focus begins for 2012. Vacation is over. But don't think Chad Jones won't be thrilled to be going back to work. The fact that he's able to participate in the offseason program at all is cause enough for him to celebrate. "It's something I've been working toward for the last two years, ever since the day of my car wreck," Jones said in a telephone interview this past week. "It's just going to be a great feeling being back there in a football atmosphere, being around teammates and being in a different city and being where Giants fans are. Everything will be picture-perfect."

This is seriously like a movie playing out, isn't it?

Filmmakers defends release of Williams recording - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
A documentary filmmaker says he had the right to release a recording of then-Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams exhorting his players to physically punish targeted San Francisco players. In a statement posted on his promotional website, Sean Pamphilon says he and former Saints special teams standout Steve Gleason "have a production agreement that I have followed."

Before offensive tackles fly off draft boards, consider supply and demand - NFL - -
A lot of names remain in free agency, and some teams will look to a veteran as a short-term answer to a long-term problem, but it's not the preferred way of building a roster for most personnel directors. Weighing a 32-year-old player with a medical history and/or an inflated sense of his market value vs. a 22-year-old that may need a year or two to develop always makes for an interesting discussion in the front office. As draft boards take shape, head coaches are starting to get nervous. With the first wave of free agency over, it's becoming clear where teams might have trouble filling a few positions. Coaches know they don't have time to develop players -- or they'll surrender winning to get it done. Most head coaches I know will start to push their GM to think about moving up or trading future picks to get what they need. In the next few weeks before the draft, I will look at most positions with an eye toward equating need with supply.

Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger using a European golf tour as prep for '12 season - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
Ben Roethlisberger will prepare himself for the new NFL season by embarking upon an extraordinary golfing marathon he believes will sharpen his focus in advance of the 2012 campaign. [ Michael Silver: Gregg Williams’ way will become extinct as NFL undergoes culture change ] The Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback is heading to Ireland and Scotland in June, where he will play some of the finest and most difficult courses in the world. But Roethlisberger insists the trip is not simply about recharging his batteries over the summer; it is designed to provide him with a mental challenge that will serve him well once football rolls around again.

Is anyone else thinking about the temptations of all that delicious beer and where that might lead for this guy, knowing his history? Then again, the Steelers are not our problem.

Warren Sapp files for bankruptcy in Florida - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
Former NFL star Warren Sapp owes more than $6.7 million to creditors and back child support and alimony, according to a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing in South Florida. Sapp’s $6.45 million in assets includes 240 pairs of Jordan athletic shoes worth almost $6,500, a $2,250 watch and a lion skin rug worth $1,200. He also reported losing his 2002 Super Bowl ring with the Bucs and his 1991 national championship ring from the University of Miami.