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New York Giants News And Notes: Trade Up Or Trade Down Edition

Good morning, New York Giants fans! Just a few miscellaneous items for your reading pleasure as you start your Thursday.

Victoria Advocate | Rick Gosselin: In the NFL, the higher the pick, the better the player
Understand that when you trade down, you are leaving behind a better player on the draft board. You get quantity in the form of extra picks in a trade-down but you are losing the quality of the choice you are vacating.

And you win in this league with quality, not quantity. The higher the pick, the better the player. There are more Hall of Famers who were first-round draft picks than all of the other rounds combined.

The draft was implemented to ensure competitive balance. The worst teams got the highest picks. When you trade down, you are giving up the competitive advantage the NFL built in for you.

Valentine's View: My feeling, as expressed in 'Big Blue View's Rules For Draft Success,' is different. You need a star quarterback and some playmakers to have a chance. You also need depth. Trading down and accumulating picks gives you flexibility. Here is what I wrote in the 'Rules':

There are very few times when any player is worth trading up for, and thus having to mortgage draft picks. You need depth in the NFL, and you can't accumulate it by trading away your draft choices -- which is what you have to do to move up. Generally, it is better to move down and accumulate more draft choices than to move up and wind up with less. Your mistakes hurt less when you have more choices, you can take risks on occasion and -- if the situation is right -- you can actually use some of those 'extra' picks to move up when you feel it is warranted.

NFL Draft 2012: Luke Kuechly, by far, tops ILB class - NFL - Sporting News
Just weeks away from the 2012 NFL Draft, Sporting News examines talent depth at every position before the first pick is made. The draft's first round will be April 26, followed by rounds two and three on April 27—both in prime time. Rounds 4-7 will be called April 28.

NFL Draft: Breaking down the 'Cover 2' safety | National Football Post
Playing Cover 2 (or Tampa 2) at the safety position is all about reading releases and stems of the WR. Drop to your landmark, play with depth and drive downhill on the throw. And as we continue to work towards the NFL Draft, I want to look at two routes (fade, corner) that every safety prospect will have to defend in deep half if they want to see valuable minutes on Sundays.

County Board of Supervisors honors New York Giants' Bear Pascoe | Visalia Times-Delta and Tulare Advance-Register |
It wasn't quite the same as receiving a Super Bowl ring, but Porterville native and New York Giants tight end Bear Pascoe said it still was a thrill to be honored by the Tulare County Board of Supervisors. - NFC East draft needs
Giants: The team has been relatively quiet in free agency, as expected, following its Super Bowl victory, filling only one considerable need at tight end (signing Martellus Bennett) after Travis Beckum and Jake Ballard suffered torn ACLs in Super Bowl XLVI. But even with little movement so far and rings soon to be placed on their fingers, the Giants have some needs. They were only 9-7 in the regular season and were outscored by opponents, barely making the playoffs they dominated. They’re in good shape with picks, owning all their original selections plus a compensatory pick at the end of the fourth round.