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Jayron Hosley Press Conference, 04.28.12

Q: How excited were you to know you were taken by the Giants?

A: I was very excited, man. I felt like it was a great fit for me. I’m excited to be a part of such a great program in the New York Giants, Super Bowl champions. I’m looking forward to being a part of the program.

Q: What makes you think you’re such a perfect fit?

A: They draft good corners. Add myself to that line of corners—I feel that I fit great. Any package or defense they run, special teams, I feel like it would be a fit. The program, it’s old fashioned—the coach is old fashioned. I’m used to that with Coach Beamer.

Q: How would you describe yourself as a player to Giants fans who haven’t seen you play yet?

A: I’m not the biggest guy, but I’m definitely aggressive. Definitely a hard worker, a guy who will go out on the field and give it my all every play. Very instinctive player. Can help the team out in many ways as far as special teams, punter returner, on defense – wherever I’m needed.

Q: Jerry Reese said that if you were a couple of inches taller, you’d be a first rounder. Also there were reports of the positive test. Did you get a feel of how far you would drop? How tough was it to wait for your name to be called?

A: I knew it was going to be a fall. I didn’t know exactly where, but with the mistake that I made, I accepted that. I was just looking forward for anyone to give me a call and giving me a chance, an opportunity to be a part of their program. I was very excited, very happy with the New York Giants giving me that call.

Q: Was that a tough conversation to have with Tom Coughlin, Jerry Reese or anybody else you spoke to?

A: We had a conversation, but I feel like it’s best to keep that conversation between the coaches that I talked to. We’re all on the same page. It’s fine. We’re working to make things better and have success as a Giant.

Q: Did you have any regrets with how it happened, especially since it was at the combine?

A: Definitely. I definitely regret it. It’s something that’s in the past behind me. I’m working toward bettering myself and not letting something like this happen again – ever. They trusted me and I’m thankful of that. I’m going to make this a worthy decision.

Q: How about the Virginia Tech connection they have going on here?

A: I was excited to play with [Giants first round pick RB] David Wilson again. He’s a tremendous athlete and good guy. I think he’ll fit well in the program. I’m just looking forward to it.

Q: Get a chance to talk to him last night?

A: No, I haven’t had a chance to talk to him. Not yet. But I’m pretty sure I’ll give him a call today and we’ll talk.

Q: Jerry Reese described you as "athletically arrogant." Do you feel you’re an overly confident player?

A: I think he said it good. You definitely have to go out there with confidence. I’m not a bigger guy, so guys might see me as a little vulnerable or as "the little guy." I definitely have to go out there with a little aggression, the little man’s syndrome in that sense. Definitely aggressive. I think coach knows me as a player and knows what I bring to the table. I think they’re happy with their decision; and both sides are.

Q: When he talked about you he compared you to Pac Man Jones. Is that something that you like to hear?

A: Pac Man Jones is a tremendous player, minus the off-field stuff, but he’s a tremendous player. When you watch him on film he’s very sound in his technique. He’s aggressive, a smaller guy like me. I savor that. I think that’s a good comparison. I like to compare myself to Asante Samuel, Pac Man, Brandon Flowers, but I think that’s a very good comparison.

Q: Can you explain your decision to come out early and why you felt ready to leave?

A: Most importantly, I felt like it was the best decision for me to make. Truthfully, I felt like the college game was getting a little too easy for me and I wanted a challenge. What’s more of a challenge than the NFL? Most importantly, my family is a big part of my life and I talked with them before I made my decision and they felt like ‘If it’s really what you want to do, go out there and go for it.’ I went and did it.

Q: Does it take some time to get to know David Wilson?

A: No. Once David walks in the room and you talk to him and you see how he interacts with people, you’ll know that he’s a good guy, fun guy, loves to laugh and joke around, but when he’s on that field you know you can tell he’s a different person on that field. Off the field he’s a great person. He was my roommate in college and I’m looking forward to being together with him again in New York.

Q: What’s your favorite David Wilson story?

A: You’ve probably heard them all. David chasing rabbits, catching the rabbit on campus. Just a wild guy. You never know what to expect coming from David. He’s just a guy that has a lot of energy and always running around.

Q: Just out of nowhere would see a rabbit and chase it?

A: You never know. He was just walking on campus, saw a rabbit. With his speed I had no doubt that he could catch it. He’s just one of those guys. You never know what you’re going to get from him.

Q: What did he do with the rabbit once he caught it?

A: He just wanted to see if he could touch it because you know the rabbit’s very quick. David’s a very quick guy as well, but he just touched it and that’s basically it.

Q: In 2010 you led the country in interceptions and then in 2011 you had three. Coach Coughlin said that might have been because quarterbacks were staying away from you.

A: That’s a fairly accurate answer. In 2010 I was coming in. I had a lot to prove, just a young guy out there, excited to be in college and out there making plays. I feel like in 2011 it was a little drop off. Teams shied away from me a little bit. I just feel like I was productive more and growing as a player, as a person in 2011, but I don’t feel like it was a big drop off in productivity. Obviously in the interceptions category it wasn’t there as far as the success I had in 2010, but I feel like I got better overall in 2011.

Q: Is that what you mean by the college game getting too easy – them just not throwing your way enough?

A: I feel like in the NFL you have to earn that respect and I’m going to be the guy coming in. I don’t have that respect yet. I have to go out there and earn it. It’s just one of those things. When you get in the NFL they’re not going to shy away from you. They’re going to come at you so you have to be ready for it and I’m up for the challenge.

Q: The Giants talked about you as special teams gunner, kick coverage. Is that stuff you’re okay doing?

A: I’m coming from a special teams guru in Frank Beamer. It’s something that I love to do, definitely something that I’m looking forward to doing – just doing my part in the organization.

Q: How many concussions did you have last year?

A: It was one.

Q: How many games did you miss?

A: It was actually in the ACC Championship so I didn’t miss a game. We had about a month off before the bowl game so I had time to rest and get healthy before the game.

Q: Have you spent much time in New York City?

A: No, I haven’t.

Q: Have you ever been?

A: I’ve actually been, but I haven’t gotten a chance to see much of the city. That’s something that I’m looking forward to.