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Jerry Reese Press Conference, 04.28.12

I’ll give you a quick review of our draft choices:


A running back – we talked about him earlier. We think he is a terrific player. It was reported that Tampa jumped in front of us. That is not true. This guy was the second-rated running back on our board and the highest player on our board. So that part is not true. We think he is a really good player to add to our running back group; return specialist as well.


Like we said the other day, he was in the conversation with respect to our first pick. I think we were fortunate that he was still there; terrific, big receiver; pro-ready kind of guy. We think he will really thrive in our offense.


Not a big guy, but thinks he is big; plays tough; interceptor, punt returner. I think he will compete right away for the nickel kind of spot and play on all of the special teams for us; tough, hard-nosed football player.


A guy we haven’t talked about – our first fourth-round pick is Adrien Robinson, the tight end from Cincinnati. We really think this guy has a huge up-side. He is a big, big man; long arms. He didn’t catch a lot of balls for them. But he is kind of a late bloomer who has really come on. And we think this guy is kind of a JPP of tight ends. We like these kind of people. We will get Mike Pope involved with this guy. We brought him in for one of the visits. We are excited about him. We think he can really come on and develop and be a terrific football player for us. So it is very exciting for us to get him.


Big, tough, smart; just like we like in our offensive line room. He reminds us somewhat of David Diehl. This guy has a good concept. He understands; knows how to play. We think he is going to be a good addition. We think he could go in there and play some guard as well if we needed him to play some guard. But he is an offensive tackle.


He is definitely a tackle. He played left tackle for UAB. Really a pleasant surprise when you watch him. You have to look at him. UAB has not been a powerhouse of football lately, but you do your homework and go in a look at this guy. He is intriguing; long, 36-inch arms. I think at the Combine he was 308. I think he is 315 now. I think he will be 325 pounds in a blink. A very interesting prospect for us. We think that in a year or so he could really make some headway and challenge for a spot in our starting lineup. I think he is going to be that type of player for us.


This kid is German. He doesn’t have much of a background in football. He has only played a limited about of time. But he is a gym rat; big, strong, tough; great to put in your d-line rotation. Obviously he is still learning. I think he speaks three languages – something like that. But he is fun to watch. He is the Mitch Petrus of defensive tackles. He is a like a buzz saw in there. He is big. I think he ended up with five sacks during the season. I wouldn’t call him a pass rusher. But he stays busy. Somebody better take him because he stays busy in there and he is a slugger.

Q: What do you mean when you said Robinson was the JPP of tight ends?

A: He is just a big, gigantic man with long arms. And he is really a good athlete. This guy is almost 6-5, 270 pounds. He ran 4.57. He has got those freakish athletic numbers. He hasn’t scratched the surface with respect – like JPP. When we got Jason we said, "This guy hasn’t scratched the surface." And Jason still has a lot of learning to do – continuing to grow. This kid hasn’t scratched the surface yet. He has a chance to be really something, we think.

Q: He didn’t catch very many balls. Is that a concern?

A: Yeah, we went to the workout. We think he can catch the ball. We don’t have any problem with his hands. We think he is going to be a good receiver as well. He is one of those big guys you can attach him on the end of the line of scrimmage as a on-the-line tight end or he can play the move stuff. He did that for them as well. He is going to be one of those big guys that can run down on your special teams and be a solid contributor to your big four special teams with that height, weight and speed.

Q: You added a lot of offensive players. What was your thinking there?

A: We drafted the best guys. That is what our thinking was. It just so happened that some of the best guys were offensive guys this time. We don’t go in there saying, "Well, let’s balance it out – offense, defense." We just try to go in there and get the best players. And this time there were more offensive players than defensive players - simple as that.

Q: There was some speculation that Osi might be traded. Was that even explored at all on your side?

A: All options are open with respect to that. Our first choice with respect to Osi is that he will play for the Giants and retire as a Giant. That is what we would like to happen. Osi has been offered an extension two years in a row now. So we would still like to make it work. Hopefully it will work out. But all of our options are always open.