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2012 NFL Draft Round 7: Giants Select Markus Kuhn, DT, NC State

Well, the Giants' 2012 draft has concluded, barring any weird, last-minute trades. They chose defensive tackle Markus Kuhn with their seventh round pick, the 239th overall in the draft. Amazingly, this was just the second defensive player the Giants chose, the other being CB Jayron Hosley in Round 3. Many of you were hoping for DE Cam Johnson of Virginia, but the 49ers swooped in two picks earlier. It sure seems like part of the 49ers' strategy this offseason is to try and make the Giants worse, doesn't it?

But hey, let's see what Markus Kuhn is all about. Here is an overview on his profile on

Kuhn is a big interior defensive lineman who only started for one year at North Carolina State. He showed good effort in that year in all areas of his play, is good to run down plays from the backside and will be a force working from within. He struggles when getting blocked by double teams and doesn't play very instinctively yet, but he is a developmental project and has late-round value to a team that can afford to wait on his development.

DT was definitely a position of need for the Giants at this point, and hey, they also wound up with a guy that looks like Matthew Stafford. Seriously though, Kuhn is known as more of an interior pass rusher than a run-stuffer, but also is considered as raw (who isn't at this stage of the draft?)

What do you guys think now that the Giants have completed their draft by going RB-WR-CB-TE-OT-OT-DT?