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2012 NFL Draft Round 6: Giants Select Matt McCants, OT, UAB

Hey everyone, are you still with us? It sure was a while between picks--three hours, almost to the minute actually. But the Giants selected another offensive tackle, Matt McCants of Alabama-Birmingham. McCants is 6'6" and 308 lbs., meaning he's almost exactly the same size as the tackle they selected two rounds earlier, Auburn's Brandon Mosley. McCants was first team All Conference in Conference USA his senior year. Sideline Scouting says that McCants is very raw but is quick and athletic for a big man. Heck, let's let them do the talking......

Long, lean body type with frame to add some weight and get stronger... Good combination of size and quickness... Shows athleticism to set quickly and ride defenders past the pocket... Flashes quick feet to stay squared to the defender... Absorbs initial contact well and resets quickly

And hey, here's a fun fact for you guys--McCants played the tuba in the high school band before joining the football team his senior year. So there's always that to fall back on. But hopefully McCants will make the team and along with Mosley anchor our O-line for a few years.

The Giants have a seventh rounder coming up, #239 overall. So we'll see you back here in a bit....