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Farley's Friday Football Fodder

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Good afternoon, fellow Giants fans. It's Day 2 of the NFL Draft, prime time-style. I gotta say, I dig the evening time slot for the first three rounds. I used to work with a guy who said to me the day before the draft one year (when it began Saturday morning), "I'm going to get up early, get drunk, and watch the draft." At least now it's more acceptable to get drunk during the first three rounds--and if you enjoy a cold one for breakfast, you can still imbibe on Saturday before Round 4 kicks off.

Now let's see.....what else is going on? Okay, let's get this out of the way first. On the one hand, Roger Goodell was booed as if he was wearing a Jets uniform. On the other, did you notice how every player drafted bear-hugged the guy? And at least one of them did some secret handshake? That was weird and sort of creepy.

See if you can follow this article about Rams coach Jeff Fisher and his staff, and how they got the guy they wanted with the 14th overall pick even though the two guys they really wanted weren't available. Okay, I think I get it....they traded with Dallas in order to pick lower, and the guy they picked at 14 is a guy they wanted anyway and they wound up with an extra pick Friday night. Sounds like a Belichick move.

So Andrew Luck.....the boy wonder and savior for the Colts after the Peyton Manning era just ended. That dude didn't look anything like I expected. I mean, with the suit and that semi-goofy smile, he kind of looked like a kid who just got a job on Wall Street. The again, he sort of did.

So fans are not crazy about the Pro Bowl, huh? I am certainly not losing sleep over the fact that the game is scheduled for January 27 with no location, and its future may be in jeopardy. I mean, the Pro Bowl is pretty close to being The Superstars anyway. Remember that show? And hey, Goodell, my backyard is pretty big. I'll invite my friends over in their Hawaiian shirts, roast a pig, and we're good to go.

The Alabama Crimson Tide had four players chosen Thursday night--RB Trent Richardson (Cleveland); S Mark Barron (Tampa Bay); CB Dre Kirkpatrick (Cincinnati); and LB Dont'a Hightower (New England). You have to wonder how the 2012 version of Nick Saban's Tide will look this season after losing that much first round talent.

Mark Sanchez and Santonio Holmes were booed at a Knicks game the other night. Jets' fans sure take booing to another level, don't they?

What are some things you guys eat when you're really busy and don't have time to make anything? I just had a lunch of these macaroni and cheese balls from Trader Joe's, and a few spicy Slim Jims. And I know I'll be hungry again in an hour.

I just went to find the video of Miggs' "Let the Games Begin," to fire you up for the draft, but I got distracted by this video for "Girls & Boys," which is also a rocking song, and also because it has some nice looking ladies. Yowza.

Enjoy the next two rounds, fellas!