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David Wilson Compares Himself To Ray Rice, Arian Foster

When New York Giants general manager Jerry Reese spoke about first-round draft choice David Wilson late Thursday night one the things he said was that the rookie running back was "going to bring a lot of personality" to the organization. Wilson made his first media appearance in New York Friday morning on WFAN with Joe & Evan, and it sounds like he did not disappoint.

Wilson, 5-foot-9 and somewhere between 205 and 210 pounds, boldly compared himself to two of the best running backs in the NFL today.

"I think I'm a mixture of Arian Foster and Ray Rice," Wilson said on WFAN. "Whenever I get my opportunity I'm going to take it and make a name for myself. I think I'll have a very successful career in the NFL with the New York Giants."

Giants fans can only hope that Wilson is right. If he turns out to be in that neighborhood as an NFL player, Reese and the Giants will look brilliant. If he turns out to be Ron Dayne, the last running back the Giants took in the first round (2000) that will be another story."