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Mike Mayock Big Board: Chandler Jones Biggest Stunner In Top 100

NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock, has released his final top 100 2012 NFL Draft prospect rankings, and the biggest stunner is that Mayock has Chandler Jones of Syracuse rated as the draft's ninth-best overall prospect and its best defensive end.

Mayock has thus one-upped Mel Kiper and Todd McShay of ESPN, who have been championing Jones but don't have him listed THIS high. Mayock is either nuts, or brilliant. Only time will tell which one.

Here are some other notable rankings by Mayock.

  • South Carolina cornerback Stephon Gilmore has risen all the way to No. 8 overall.
  • Boise State running back Doug Martin, who we know many think could be the Giants' target at No. 32, is ranked 17th overall.
  • Notre Dame safety Harrison Smith, another possible Giants' target, is No. 28. Smith has risen from the second round to late-first round consideration.
  • Stephen Hill, the wide receiver from Georgia Tech I chose for the Giants in my mock draft on Monday, is Mayock's 32nd-ranked prospect. That' of course, is right where the Giants select.
  • Stanford tight end Coby Fleener is No. 38.
  • Peter Konz, the Wisconsin center considered a probable first-round pick, is all the way down at No. 40 on Mayock's list.
  • Ohio State offensive tackle Mike Adams slid not only out of the first round, but all the way down to No. 52 in Mayock's rankings.
  • North Alabama cornerback Janoris Jenkins slides to No. 55. Until recently many had him pegged a late- first-round choice.
  • LSU wide receiver Reuben Randle is all the way down at No. 63. Coincidentally, the Giants have the draft's 63rd pick at the end of the second round.
  • Looking for a third-round running back for the Giants. Mayock has Chris Polk of Washington ranked No. 93. The Giants' third-round pick comes at No. 94. Or, Robert Turbin of Utah State, ranked No. 99.
  • Mayock's 94th-ranked prospect is Oklahoma defensive end Frank Alexander.
  • Zach Brown, the North Carolina outside linebacker, is so far out of favor with Mayock that he is actually the final player -- No. 100 -- on Mayock's board. A few weeks ago Brown was thought to be a possible first-round choice.