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Five Best Draft Picks Of The Jerry Reese Era

With the 2012 NFL Draft approaching fast here is a quick look at the five best New York Giants draft selection of the Jerry Reese era as general manager.

1. Jason Pierre-Paul -- Yep, I wanted Reese to draft Derrick Morgan of Tennessee. Most of the folks around Big Blue View let out a collective groan when JR drafted JPP, thinking he had lost his mind by drafting a guy who looked like a great gymnast with no idea how to play football. Well, we know how smart Reese looks and how stupid those of us who did not like the pick look. He is only an All Pro and the Giants' best defensive player. Who knows how high the ceiling is for Pierre-Paul if he can avoid catastrophic injury.

2. Hakeem Nicks -- Too heavy. Too slow. Darrius Heyward-Bey is faster. Kenny Britt is better. Yep, heard all of that. Of course, it all turned out to be nonsense. Reese wanted Nicks. He got Nicks. He's been right about Nicks. The guy is a star.

3. Ahmad Bradshaw -- We know how good, and how tough, the guy is. And the Giants drafted him in the seventh round in 2007, the 250th player taken. Bradshaw may be Reese's best hidden gem, unless you want to count the Giants' good luck in finding Victor Cruz. I can't, because even Reese admitted the Giants only invited him to camp because we was a local free agent.

4. Steve Smith -- The guy was tremendous as a possession receiver before wrecking his knee, and foolishly wrecking his career by bolting for the Philadelphia Eagles. The all-time single-season reception leader for the franchise, and Reese got him in the second round in 2007, 51st overall.

5. Mario Manningham -- In 2008 Manningham was considered a first-round talent with a questionable attitude. Reese gambled on the talent in the third round, 95th overall, and that helped the Giants win the 2012 Super Bowl. It also gets Manningham on the list.

So, who would you add or subtract from the list?