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Mel Kiper On Coby Fleener, Lavonte David And More

A few interesting tweets today from ESPN draft guru Mel Kiper Jr. I know some of you would rather not read Kiper's name, but his input is interesting. So, here is some of what he tweeted today that might interest New York Giants fans.

-- Lot of similarities between former TB Bucs star Derrick Brooks (6-0¼ - 228, 4.59) & Nebraska LB Lavonte David (6-0½ - 233 , 4.59)

-- Lot of similarities between Todd Heap (6-5 - 252 - 4.59) and Stanford TE Coby Fleener (6-6 - 247 - 4.49).

-- I count 24 sure fire 1st rounders & as many as 17 players who have at least a chance of hearing their name called on round one.

Kiper also recently held a conference call with reporters.

Here is Kiper on Zach Brown, the North Carolina outside linebacker.

"I think he's a 4-3 guy, but I've never seen him as an attacker off the edge. He's got speed. There's no question about it. He didn't test out quite as well athletically as I thought at the combine, not super instinctive. He was more productive this year than he had been. He got his weight up, he's at 243 now. I just don't think he's ever defined exactly what he's going to be at the pro level. Very difficult evaluation."

On Doug Martin, the Boise State running back.

"So I think when you look at Doug Martin trying to find a team in the late first, I found one: The New York Giants, okay, at 32. If they didn't take him, then you've got Tampa Bay at 36. They certainly could very easily. You've got San Diego at 49. You have Denver at 57. So there's some teams there that could take a running back. But that's why you have that difference of maybe 15, 20 spots in between where he could go and where he may go. It's just because he's a running back, and historically we've seen that all over the place, great running backs and good running backs drop a lot further down the draft board than they should. I don't think he'll drop past the early- to mid-second."

On Ohio State offensive tackle Mike Adams.

"Hard call on Mike Adams. Mike Adams is a guy with enormous athletic ability and talent. He looks like a top 10 pick, top 15 pick. You look at him when he played and the inconsistencies at left tackle. He's got to get stronger, as well. I think you look at Mike Adams as a guy that, hey, somebody could roll the dice in the late first round or he could fall into the second very easily. He's one of those guys, he's got kind of that boom or bust tag because he's over 6'7″, 325 pounds, but he's got to get stronger. He's got to get more of an attitude to move people off that line and be more aggressive as a run blocker and be more consistent in pass protection. You can't have lapses of concentration in the NFL because the quarterback is the key."