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Where Are They Now? Five Questions with Mark Collins

Our Five Questions series with former New York Giants players continues with cornerback Mark Collins. This guy was one of my favorite players to watch on the defensive side of the ball. He wasn't particularly flashy, but Collins was a good cover corner that typically shut down opposing receivers well, and feared no one--not even Jerry Rice. Collins played for the Giants from 1986 to 1993, and as a result he collected two Super Bowl rings. During his eight seasons with the Giants, Collins played in 112 games, with 104 starts. He had 725 tackles; 17 interceptions including one for a touchdown; 3.5 sacks; four forced fumbles; seven fumble recoveries; and a safety. He went on to play for the Chiefs, Packers and Seahawks before retiring after the 1998 season. Let's see what Collins is up to now.....

Big Blue View: Where do you live now and what are you up to these days?

Mark Collins: I live in Overland Park, Kansas (just outside of Kansas City). My company is 2X Champ Sports, LLC. It's an online college sports recruiting site that helps student athletes get sports scholarships.

BBV: What is your fondest memory about playing for the Giants?

MC: Winning two Super Bowls and all of the fantastic fans.

BBV: Do you still keep in touch with any of your teammates and if so, which one (s)?

MC: Not very much until last year (25-year anniversary/Super Bowl XXI reunion)--so now , pretty much all the guys from the 1986 team.

BBV: What is the biggest difference between the NFL now and when you played?

MC: Mostly, the rule changes. They all favor the offense (to increase scoring). In my opinion, the NFL is three rule changes short of becoming the Pro Bowl.

BBV: Did you watch the Giants' playoff/Super Bowl run this past season, and if so what impressed you the most about the team?

MC: I watched. I was impressed with how the team rallied behind Tom (Coughlin) when the talk of firing him came up. I loved the tough talk, and how they backed it up.

To check out Collins' company, please visit