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Farley's Friday Football Fodder

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Good evening fellow Giants fans. It's been an interesting couple of days at the Farley house. My wife was out of town on business until about two hours ago, our son developed a sniffle last night that came completely out of nowhere, his fever spiked at 104 during the night and is now down to 100. I had very little sleep because of all this, and then this morning (skip this part if you are squeamish) my nose, which, ahem, I had just picked, decided to spew blood...and I mean it was like a gusher of oil. I haven't had one like that since I was maybe twelve. And just before I called my doctor, I found this tidbit about how to stop a nose bleed and the pinching technique worked almost instantly. I tell you all this for two reasons: 1) this might happen to you some time, and now you have this article bookmarked. 2) this is why you are reading this column about six or seven hours late (thank you for understanding, Ed). Oh, and the dude in the photo in that nosebleed bit kind of reminds me of Eli after he got up off the Candlestick turf.

Now then.

So Eli's big brother (and from this point on in this column, that's what he shall be referred to until he wins another ring) went back to work this week. And I wondered, after all the talk about whether or not his neck was okay, there sure isn't much talk about that now. Or is it not an issue until he has to face a live pass rush, which is months away?

I was perusing the wire this afternoon and saw the headline "Raiders sign former Giants' receiver." Oooh, that might be interesting. Then I noticed the receiver was Duke Calhoun. All kidding aside (maybe), I do remember that guy making a spectacular play in the preseason in 2010 (or was it 2009?) where he caught a pass from Rhett Bomar and blew past a couple of defenders.

Did you guys know that the Jets do not have a QB controversy? Answer me this--how do you not have a QB controversy when Tim Tebow is on your roster? And I mean that in both a derogatory and a complimentary way. I mean, that guy is a walking quarterback controversy.

I found this Time blog piece about Eli hosting SNL to be really insulting. It's bad enough the guy had to prove to everyone he was on par with Tom Brady, now he has to answer to guys like this? Check out what he said and tell me it doesn't piss you off too: Eli Manning no longer needs any quarterbacking tips from big brother Peyton. But he can probably use a comedy lesson from him.On May 5 Eli, the Super Bowl MVP, will host SNL - Rihanna is the musical guest. There's a lot to like about Eli. But he doesn't exactly rip up a room. He's a notoriously sheepish, lead-by-example type. And that's not a great recipe for laughs.

I have not been to MetLife yet, but my mouth started watering when I saw this article about the food there. Can you guys ship me one of those burgers and some meatballs? And man do I miss Nathan's fries. Oh, and Papa John's, in the NYC area with all that great pizza? Really?

Speaking of food, it's Grilled Cheese Month. No, I didn't make that up. It's an excuse to indulge, just like St. Patrick's Day and New Year's Eve are excuses to drink a lot. The other day I made these pimento cheese grilled cheese sandwiches and they were as good as they sound and as good as they look, even with that crappy Blackberry photo I took. Hey and not to spew random food things, but those chips I had with my sandwich reminded me of a spaceship cereal from when I was a kid--Quisp. Do you guys remember Quisp? How about King Vitamin?

Wow, Ryan Leaf really took a nosedive, huh? This guy was actually drafted right behind Eli's big brother in 1998, which means the Colts probably debated picking him first. Imagine the course of NFL history if that had happened.

You guys are gonna love this one. Donovan McNabb thinks he's Hall worthy? There is one reason I'd put him there. He may be the only QB in NFL history to puke in a Super Bowl huddle. I'm sure you all can think of a few more reasons....and luckily there is space below to do that!

I gotta say....I'm thrilled for the Knicks making the playoffs. I was never much into the NBA when I grew up on Long Island, but my brothers were (and are) big Knicks fans. And I know there have been many years of misery.

I was going to leave you all with some mood music, but instead I'm going to turn you on to a few things I'm listening to right now. Wow, I wrote that up two weeks ago? Time for another one, and the new Van Halen will be on it. If you haven't heard it yet, David Lee is back and the band still rocks.

Have a great weekend!