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Hakeem Nicks: Jets 'Like Being In The Limelight'

New York Giants wide receiver Hakeem Nicks could not resist a jab at the New York Jets and coach Rex Ryan during a recent radio interview.

Nicks was asked a leading question, which was: "How does it feel to be the kings of New York over the tabloid grabbing New York Jets?"

He took the bait.

"We look at it like the Jets...they can get the credit. They like being in the limelight. We feed off of our coach. Our coaches [say] don't talk and play the game. I think that is what we feed off of. We know what we are capable of doing. We don't gotta sit here and boost ourselves up. We'll go out there and prove out on the field. That's what we did,' Nicks said.

Nothing in there that is really controversial. Nothing Nicks really should not have said, at least in my eyes.

Nicks also talked about Giants quarterback Eli Manning, about how he views himself compared to the elite receivers in the game and whether he might consider playing for the Carolina Panthers one day.