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Big Blue View Mailbag, Weekend Edition

Let's open up the Big Blue View Mailbag today and see what sort of questions I can try to answer for you.

Question: After the trade for Keith Rivers, do you still think Zach Brown was the right selection for the 32nd pick in the BBV mock draft? If not, who would you have taken instead? -- plaxico burress

Ed's Answer: Was Brown the right selection? For me, at the time, yes. If I was making the pick today, probably not. Jerry Reese did not trade a draft pick for Rivers just to use a No. 1 pick on a player who would likely bury Rivers on the bench.

There are also other things we know today that we did not know when I made the selection of Brown. We know that Jake Ballard also had micro-fracture surgery, meaning even with Martellus Bennett the Giants could use help there. We know the Giants added veteran tackle Sean Locklear for depth, lessening the need there. We know Osi Umenyiora is still unhappy and that 2012 will likely be his last season with the Giants -- if he isn't traded first. Mathias Kiwanuka can also be a free agent after this season, putting defensive end back on the front burner.

The way our draft played out, you could make an argument here for defensive ends Nick Perry or Chandler Jones depending on who you like. You could make a case for defensive tackles Jerel Worthy or Devon Still. You could make a strong case for Boise State running back Doug Martin, although a first-round back violates my rules for draft success. You might even put a cornerback like Alfonzo Dennard of Nebraska into the mix.

Question: What are your thoughts on Jonathan Grimes from William and Mary? I had heard that the Giants had some scouts down in the Norfolk area and some scouts from other teams were in Williamsburg for their Pro day. Grimes is the all-time leading rusher for the Tribe and I have been trying to follow his progress in the draft. The GMen took Adrian Tracey from W&M two years ago at the same time the cowgirls took Lissmore. Both fine defensive players and all play in the CAA like Vistor Cruz.

Ed's Answer: Grimes is not a player I know much about, nor have I been able to find much information. If anybody knows anything about this player they would like to share, please do.

Question: What are the expectations, short term and long term, for Chad Jones? Will the Giants have him in training camp 2012? Do they expect him to even play football in 2012? I have a feeling that we won't get many answers on the Chad Jones front, but I am rooting hard for this kid to be able to make the Giants roster and contribute on the field someday.

Ed's Answer: Jones will attend OTAs with the Giants beginning on Monday, an amazing accomplishment considering that he almost died in that horrific car crash, and that his foot was so badly mangled that he nearly lost it. I doubt that anyone, other than maybe Jones himself, really expects that he will ever be a truly useful NFL player. He has earned the right to try, and everyone should root for him. I know I am. Just don't count on him making it all the way back.

Question: What's the status of Adam Koets? He isn't listed either on the roster or free agent list. The game and a half he played at center was the best that the line played in 2010.

Ed's Answer: Koets was released by the Giants last November after spending part of the season on PUP and then injuring his back. He is still looking for a new team.

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