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SB Nation Bloggers Mock Draft: Giants Get Peter Konz, C, Wisconsin

Football writers from each of the SB Nation team sites have been participating in the annual SB Nation Bloggers NFL Mock Draft. The first round of that draft is completed, and here is how the first round unfolded.

I ended up selecting Wisconsin center Peter Konz with the 32nd pick. As with our Big Blue View Mock Draft, sitting with the final pick in the firs round you have to take what comes. As I explained here, I felt there was no overwhelming need to take a player from a certain position and that Konz was the best value on the board at the time.

Read over the draft and you will see that I bypassed some players who are popularly connected with the Giants. That list includes Stanford tight end Coby Fleener, North Carolina linebacker Zach Brown (my pick in our mock), Boise State running back Doug Martin and several other players who are talked about around here.

It seems the choice was well received as 73 percent of those who voted in the poll attached to the selection gave the pick at least a 'B.'

What do you think?