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Deja Blue -- Super Bowl XLVI Champions: New York Giants DVD Review

Today is the day.

Today, March 6, is the day when you can finally purchase the DVD, Super Bowl XLVI Champions: New York Giants released by Vivendi Entertainment and available at most major retailers in the New York area, as well as online at places like and This is the official DVD recap we've been waiting for almost as soon as the victory parade ended on February 7, and lucky for us all, the DVD has been delivered just one month later.

So how is it? It's just like you'd expect--with some great highlights, some trademark NFL Films slow-mo in spots, a booming voice narrator and "warrior" music throughout. They started with a brief clip of the Super Bowl XLII win, and then showed a bit of coach Tom Coughlin firing up his players at training camp. After that, each regular season game was recapped in about 60-90 seconds--or for about half of the DVD's length. It was wild to watch some of the highlights back, reliving the "holy crap" moments, both good and bad--from the thrill of beating the Eagles in Week 3 to the awful feeling of defeat when losing to the Seahawks at home in Week 5; to the thrill of Jake Ballard's circus catches to beat New England in Week 9; to the four straight losses to JPP's blocked field goal to beat Dallas in Week 14; to the depressing loss to Rex Grossman's Redskins again in Week 15; to finishing things off with wins against the Jets and Cowboys, with Eli Manning and Victor Cruz lighting up the Meadowlands.

But one thing struck me throughout these highlights--the Giants gave themselves a chance to win most of their wins by putting relentless pressure on the opposing quarterbacks. When you think about how bad Big Blue's D looked at times, mostly by giving up big plays, they also were tied for third in the NFL with 48 sacks. So it was fun to relive some of those great defensive moments.

As you might expect, watching the improbable playoff run again brought back those waves of emotion we felt watching them in real time. The DVD devoted a good four to five minutes per game for the wild card, divisional game and NFC title game, and then ten minutes to the Super Bowl highlights. I'm getting goosebumps as I write this, and it's amazing to think that this playoff run was just as, or even more remarkable than the run four years ago.

The DVD also had some really nice bonus features--including media day highlights, post-game coverage, a sit-down interview with Manning, a recap of Super Bowl XLII; and an interview story with the receiver trio of Hakeem Nicks, Mario Manningham and Victor Cruz.

All in all -- and you guys really don't need me to tell you this -- Super Bowl XLVI Champions: New York Giants is a must-have DVD for Giants' fans. And today, everyone can go grab a copy.

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