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Discussion: What Punishment For Gregg Williams, New Orleans Saints?

Bounty hunter Gregg Williams will be taken to the woodshed today by NFL Sheriff Roger Goodell when Williams has to meet with Goodell to discuss bounty payments to between 22 and 27 defensive players from 2009 through 2011 while Williams was defensive coordinator of the New Orleans Saints.

Simple topic today. What should the gun-slinging Sheriff Goodell do with Williams and the Saints? What punishment fits this crime?

SI's Peter King wrote today that "There's little doubt the penalties on the Saints will be worse than what the league did to the Patriots for the Spygate scandal in 2007."

Punishment isn't likely to be announced today, but should come before league meetings at the end of this month.

What would you do if you were Goodell? You know he will come down hard, especially considering his push for a kinder, gentler NFL.

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