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New York Giants Season In Review, Super Bowl XLVI: Giants 21, Patriots 17

Today is the first Sunday in March, and of course there is no football to look forward to. So, I saved the final 'season in review' post to give you something to enjoy today. Yep, time to reminisce about that Sunday just a month ago when the New York Giants defeated the New England Patriots, 21-17, to win their fourth Super Bowl championship.

Four years after stunning the undefeated Patriots to win the first Super Bowl of the Tom Coughlin-Eli Manning era, the Giants again got the better of Tom Brady and the favored Patriots.

Ahmad Bradshaw's game-winning six-yard touchdown run with 57 seconds left is one of the strangest plays you will ever see -- and probably the goofiest Super Bowl-winning touchdown ever. But, do you really care? Sure, Cris Collinsworth called the play a "big mistake." It worked out OK, though.

(via MastaUliazz21)

This was a victory that typified the Giants' 2011-2012 season in many ways. They jumped to an early 9-0 lead, fell behind and then finished, as Tom Coughlin urged all season, roaring back to score the game's final 12 points to earn the championship.

The stage was set for a great finish when the Giants took possession of the ball at their own 12-yard line with 3:46 to play.

In one quick strike, a great catch by Mario Manningham, the Giants gained 38 yards to midfield. Eight plays later, Bradshaw ran/fell/toppled/squatted/collapsed into the end zone for what would be the game-winning score.

Brady had one final chance, but he could only move the Patriots to their own 49-yard line. His final desperation 'Hail Mary' fell out of the reach of tight end Rob Gronkowski, and the Giants were champions.

Lots of heroes for the Giants.

  • Manning went 30-of-40 for 296 yards and one touchdown while earning MVP -- and the obligatory trip to DisneyWorld.
  • Hakeem Nicks caught 10 passes for 109 yards.
  • Manningham caught five passes, including the game's most crucial catch.
  • Steve Weatherford punted beautifully, allowing no return yardage for the entire game.
  • Justin Tuck had a pair of sacks, and he forced a safety with a pressure of Brady in the end zone.
  • Chase Blackburn made a critical interception that probably took points away from New England.

What are your most memorable moments? The plays that will stick with you the longest? The reactions of the people you might have been around? How does this one compare to other Giants Super Bowl victories you may have experienced?

The floor is yours, gang. Go ahead celebrate the 2012 Super Bowl victory one more time.