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Report: Brandon Jacobs Signs With San Francisco 49ers

Well, you can forget all that talk about Brandon Jacobs returning to the New York Giants. Adam Schefter just reported that Jacobs will join the San Francisco 49ers.

That's a bit of a stunner, and a great landing spot for the veteran Jacobs. The big man will back up star running back Frank Gore with the 49ers, a run-first team that took the Giants to overtime in the NFC Championship Game a couple of months ago.

So, the Ahmad Bradshaw-Brandon Jacobs running back tandem is officially no more. That means a real opportunity for veteran D.J. Ware and second-year man Da'Rel Scott, a seventh-round pick a season ago. It also means an increased likelihood that a running back could be selected by the Giants somewhere in the early portion of the upcoming 2012 NFL Draft.