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New York Giants 2012 Free Agency Update: Where Things Stand

I did a brief look at the New York Giants' free agency situation over at SB Nation New York this morning. Because you guys are special I am giving you the expanded version, which includes a comment on every player.

Welcome To New York
TE Martellus Bennett ... Great low-risk, low-cost, high-reward signing. If Bennett bombs, no harm, no foul and the Giants move on. If he blossoms the Giants could find themselves a quality tight end for the next few seasons.
S Chris Horton -- Maybe a special teams guy, nothing more.
T Joel Reinders -- Most likely a camp body.
TE Larry Donnell -- Camp body. Need enough tight ends to practice.

Exclusive rights free agents
TE Jake Ballard - Re-signed. ... Hopefully he gets healthy and contributes during the latter part of the season.
TE Bear Pascoe - Will return. ... Love the Bear. Nobody else can have him.

Restricted free agents
CB Bruce Johnson - Re-signed. ... Missed two years now, so don't expect much.

Unrestricted free agents
CB Will Blackmon ... Umm, bye-bye Blackmon?
CB Michael Coe - Re-signed. ... Might be a better player than we have really seen.
CB Aaron Ross - Signed with Jacksonville ... Rip him if you want, but he has two Super Bowl rings.
CB Terrell Thomas - Re-signed. ... Hopefully he can return and play at the same level he did in 2010.
CB Justin Tryon - Re-signed. ... A BBV favorite. Glad he is sticking around.
DE Dave Tollefson ... Not coming back. A fan favorite, but replaceable.
DT Rocky Bernard ... Might be back. Insurance, again, for Marvin Austin.
DT Jimmy Kennedy ... Don't let the door hit ya, big man!
LB Chase Blackburn ... Back to the couch for Blackburn?
LB Jonathan Goff ... Returning at the Giants price? We will have to wait and see.
OT Stacy Andrews ... If he is healthy, bring him back.
OT Kareem McKenzie ... Hope you find a job elsewhere, Kareem.
OT Tony Ugoh -- Does anybody other Ugoh care one way or the other?
P Steve Weatherford - Re-signed ... Thank God for that.
S Deon Grant ... Best guess is he will be moving on or retiring.
S Derrick Martin ... Won't be back.
QB David Carr - Re-signed. ... Looks great in a baseball cap, and we hope that's the only way we ever see him.
WR Michael Clayton ... Hard worker, but there isn't a spot for him.
WR Domenik Hixon - Re-signed. ... If he still has the burst he can still help the Giants as a receiver.
WR Mario Manningham - Signed with San Francisco 49ers. So, Mario, who is going to throw you the ball in San Fran?
WR Devin Thomas -- Should be brought back.