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New York Giants News and Notes: As the Calendar Turns Edition

Good morning fellow Giants fans. So it's now March and that means we are six months away from kickoff! That doesn't seem so bad, now, does it? Well, sort of. But at least we have impending free agency and then the draft to discuss, and Sean's awesome new BBV TV is here! That, and while I don't want to make too many of you jealous, I have in my possession an advance copy of the Giants 2011 season in review DVD, Deja Blue. I will be reviewing it here next week to coincide with its March 6 street date. I've seen half of it already, and as you might suspect, it's freaking awesome, baby! So you have that to look forward to as well. Meanwhile, let's see if there is anything about the Giants floating around the Web....

Plaxico Burress Rumors: Plax Says He Rejected Giants in 2011 - SB Nation New York
Plaxico Burress said Thursday on the Dan Patrick Show that he rejected a chance to return to the New York Giants a year ago, choosing the New York Jets instead. Burress insists that the Giants "wanted" him to return. "I made the decision personally not to go back. I didn't have any animosity towards them because they wanted to bring me back. I made a decision not to go. ... It was just a situation where I just wanted to go somewhere and start over fresh," Burress said. news: Giants' Manningham disputes report he's headed to Bucs
Wide receiver Mario Manningham denied Tuesday that he said there's a "75 percent" chance he won't be back with the New York Giants next season. Manningham, speaking to WFAN-AM, instead classified the odds of him teaming up with Eli Manning, Victor Cruz and Hakeem Nicks again as "50-50." "We are not sure what is going on right now" Manningham said, via ESPN New York. "We are going to take it slow and see what is going on and let the smoke clear a little bit, you know the combine and free agency and everything coming up. Just never know where I am going to end up at."

Ralph Vacchiano mentioned on his blog that the Giants are having talks with the agent for free agent CB Justin Tryon: "There isn't much to update you on in free agency at the moment, but here's one tidbit: The Giants have had what one source described as "positive" conversations with the agent for free agent CB Justin Tryon, who was picked up by the Giants early last season after he was cut by the Indianapolis Colts."

Steinbrenner Syndrome: The New York Sports Sickness | The New York Observer
Consider two recent case studies of the pattern: the Giants won the Super Bowl not three years ago, in 2008. Former Giants player Tiki Barber essentially called for Coughlin to be fired in 2010. In November 2011, the New York Daily News wondered if Coughlin wasn’t done.

GREEN BAY, Wis.: McCarthy still trying to figure out how the Packers lost to Giants | NFL Football | Bradenton Herald Today
It took coach Mike McCarthy five weeks before he had the time and was in the right mood to watch tape of the Green Bay Packers' 37-20 loss to the New York Giants in the NFC divisional playoffs. It took him portions of two days, one for the offense and one for the defense and special teams. Even now, he isn't quite sure why the game unfolded as it did. "This will be a game I still don't have my hands around," McCarthy said at the NFL combine. "If you can keep your team on a path you have a chance. The Giants are an example of that. They got a lot of things moving in a positive motion at the end of the year."

Ah, the sweet smell of the other team's defeat. Okay, that was mean. But make sure you guys order that DVD so you can watch that playoff game in Green Bay and the other moments of the amazing run the Giants had. Seriously, are you guys still pinching yourselves like I am?