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BREAKING: Mario Manningham Signs Two-Year Deal With 49ers

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The Manning-To-Manningham connection is officially over. The San Francisco 49ers signed Mario Manningham to a two-year deal. His days in blue are a thing of the past, sadly.

New York Giants fans will long remember his version of "The Catch" in Super Bowl XLVI. Manningham was a frequent deep-ball threat for the G-Men and a clutch player. The 49ers ranked 30th throughout the NFL in receiving yards, third out of last place. Manningham, along with recent acquisition Randy Moss, will add tremendous depth to a team who are not exactly rich with top quality receivers.

With the new potential threats that the 49ers offense present and with their bone crunching defense already in place, the Niners should be a force to be reckoned with in the 2012 season, especially if Peyton Manning climbs on board. The Giants will square off against the 49ers in the upcoming season. The Big Blue defense will have its first opportunity to defend against Mario Manningham at some point during the season. After four years, 2,315 yards and eighteen-touchdowns and a Super Bowl Mario Manningham is on his way to the left-coast to become a thorn in the Big Blue side.