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BBV Community Mock Draft, Other Business

It's time to take care of a little bit of Big Blue View business, starting with our annual Big Blue View Community Mock Draft. Some of you have already e-mailed me about this, so here goes.

We will begin our Community Mock Draft next week. As we did last year, we will do two (2) rounds. That means we will need to do two or three picks each day to complete this in time, so if you aren't committed or don't think you will have the ability to get me a selection in a timely manner, please don't volunteer to be one of our amateur general managers.

If you want to draft for a team, please e-mail and use the subject line '2012 Community Mock Draft'. Let me know what team you wish to select for AND what your Big Blue View community screen name is. If there are multiple people who ask to select for the same team I won't necessarily choose the first person to e-mail. I will choose those who have been active in the community first, and I will also choose those follow the guidelines -- including the subject line -- and send the e-mail, with the screen name.

That brings me to my second order of business. Yours truly is going to be missing in action for the next few days. I am leaving Friday morning to attend a soccer tournament in Baltimore with my son, and won't be returning until Sunday evening.

BBV won't be completely abandoned. I have scheduled a few 'Prospect Profile' posts over the weekend. Also, Mike and Sean know I won't be around and should keep you up to date on anything newsworthy.

Enjoy, folks! See ya on Monday.