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New York Giants News and Notes: Calm Before The Storm Edition

Good morning fellow Giants fans. We are all sleepy as our bodies think it's an hour earlier than it actually is, but we will be wide awake starting tomorrow as NFL teams can begin signing free agents. It's always interesting to see who is aggressive and who stays back and watches, then either collects the scraps or attempts to make their team better using what they have or who they will draft or sign as an undrafted free agent. The Giants fell into the latter category in 2011, and probably will again in 2012. But sure as the sun rises in the east, the Eagles and Redskins will likely try to open up their wallets big-time again. So what will Big Blue do this week? We will know the answer to that soon. Meanwhile, let's see what other bits of news are out there about the Giants.....

New York Giants -- 2012 free agency primer - ESPN New York
The Super Bowl celebration is over. Now, the New York Giants begin the process of defending their championship with the start of free agency on Tuesday and then the NFL draft in April. Last year, it felt as if the Giants did more subtracting than adding in free agency, but Jerry Reese seemed to make all the right moves. It wouldn't be surprising to see the Giants make few splashy moves in free agency while trying to re-sign some of their own again. explores a few questions facing the Giants as free agency begins

Redskins’ trade with Rams elicits memories of Giants’ draft day deal for Eli Manning - The Insider - The Washington Post
The Washington Redskins’ trade with the St. Louis Rams for the second overall choice in this year’s draft brings immediate comparisons to the 2004 draft-day deal in which the San Diego Chargers, after selecting quarterback Eli Manning first overall, traded him to the New York Giants.

No huge moves on Giant agenda -
No one prepares any more thoroughly than Eli Manning, so when he says there really is no way for him to prepare for how the Giants will be affected by free agency, believe him.

"With free agency over the years I’ve kind of learned if you get caught up in it and wondering and debating and asking about it, it’s not going to solve anything,’’ Manning said. "You can just kind of sit and ride it out and see what happens.’’

This year, the ride likely will be circle-the-wagons rather than rounding up newcomers.

New York Giants 2012 NFL Draft Strategy: The Truth About Jerry Reese : New York Giants
Many believe Reese will just take the best player in the first round of the 2012 NFL Draft, regardless of position (save for quarterback, obviously).

In reality, he has only gone away from a position of need in the first round once since being promoted to general manager in 2007.

Giants' Victor Cruz to Host Fundraiser for Obama in New York
New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz will host a fundraiser for President Barack Obama in New York City later this month, the Obama campaign announced Friday. Cruz, an undrafted NFL free agent less than two years ago, joins a list of Obama fundraising hosts that includes moguls such as Warren Buffett and Harvey Weinstein. Pro Bowl defensive end Wale Ogunleye, who last played in the NFL in 2010, will co-host the fundraiser.

New York Jets coach Rex Ryan pays Blues a visit
The Ryans chatted with Blues President John Davidson and several of the players, including Kevin Shattenkirk, who is a New York Giants' fan. Shattenkirk tried not to let the coach of his rival affect his perception. "(Rex) seemed like he was like a kid on the bench watching us play," Shattenkirk said. "He said he could feel how close our team was and how great our team chemistry seems. It's nice to get it from a guy like that. He was just telling us to get to the playoffs and do what we do best."

Have a great Monday, folks. And don't forget to fill out your brackets.