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New York Giants News And Notes: Terrell Thomas, Free Agency Chatter

Good morning, New York Giants fans! We might have lost an hour of sleep, but we never lose the desire to talk New York Giants. So, let's scour the Inter-Google for interesting morsels of information.

NY Giants cornerback Terrell Thomas hopes for another shot after tearing ACL a second time - NY Daily News
What kept Thomas going through his long rehabilitation and the unavoidable depressing days was the thought that his dream wasn’t really dead. It was only delayed. Now, seven months after that freak injury, he’s hoping he was right. On Tuesday he’ll be an unrestricted free agent, ready to sell his services to the highest bidder.

And he’s confident there will be bidders if the Giants don’t re-sign him before the market opens on Tuesday at 4 p.m.

"A lot of people are like ‘Oh, it’s the second ACL, he’s not going to be able to return,’ " Thomas says. "OK. Well, we’ll see. I use that as motivation. I know the doubt. And I understand the GMs and teams, they might think it’s a risk taking a shot on me with my second ACL. But if you look at my track record, you look at every injury I had through college and the NFL, every time I came back I came back 100% with no lingering issues, no setbacks, no having to sit out practice, nothing."

Giants use caution in free agency
{GM Jerry] Reese has pointed to the young players already on the roster as possible solutions, and they have hardly seen what their first four draft picks from last spring can do. They'll add some veterans, bring in some reinforcements, pad out the roster and say goodbye to some players who helped them win a fourth Lombardi Trophy.

"With free agency over the years, I've kind of learned if you get caught up in it and wondering and debating and asking about it, it's not going to solve anything," Manning said. "You can just kind of sit and ride it out and see what happens."

Giant's objectives in free agency -
There are plenty of decisions for the Giants to consider in free agency. Here are three they should make. news: Jacobs open to joining Jets, 'could get along' with Ryan
"I got about three good ones left in me, no question ... guaranteed three more years left in me," Jacobs told the New York Post. "I would love to do that (play for the Jets). It would be an opportunity for me to not have to relocate. I got to do what's best for my family. Whichever team it is, I think is going to be a lucky team. I got a lot left in me, got a lot to offer."

If Mark Sanchez wants Super Bowl glory with NY Jets, he must follow Eli Manning's blueprint - NY Daily News
Now that Mark Sanchez no longer has to worry about Peyton Manning taking his job, he needs to remain focused on the Manning family and figure out how he can Be Like Eli.

Eli Manning set the blueprint how to succeed as a New York quarterback, winning one Super Bowl before he was elite, winning another four weeks ago after finally taking his game to elite status during his eighth season. Both championships followed years of severe doubt whether he would be any good and justify all the Giants gave up to get him.

Sanchez is in the same spot Manning was after his third season a struggling young quarterback even though he’s had more postseason success. The Jets think he can be a Super Bowl quarterback, they just gave him an undeserved three-year contract extension as a makeup call for flirting with Peyton, but until a quarterback gets his team to the Super Bowl, then you wonder if he ever will have what it takes.

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