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BigBlueView TV Is Here! Episode 1: Henry Hynoski

<strong>BBV-TV is here!</strong>
BBV-TV is here!

Attention BigBlueView readers! We are pleased to announce the launch of something brand new and network-wide - the BigBlueView video channel! SB Nation is partnering with YouTube and Contour+ to bring you high quality video content as it pertains to your team.

Today, we are launching, along with many other sites within the SB Nation network, our very own video channel. You can view the BBV channel here. We're still in the process of customizing it. Please be patient. If you don't have a YouTube or Gmail account, get one started today. This way, you can subscribe, interact, leave comments and be a part of this exciting, new venture.

What will you see on BBV TV? Player interviews, NFL Draft coverage, game breakdowns and recaps, specific interest stories geared towards you, the reader/watcher and much, much more. In our first broadcast, we discuss the state of the New York Giants running game with Big Blue's Henry Hynoski. We will also discuss Super Bowl XLVI, the celebrations and much more. You can view our first video here.

So, start an account with YouTube/Gmail and help support us in this new endeavor. This will be another reason why BigBlueView is the premiere site for all of your New York Giants news. Stay tuned, folks.

-- Many other sites across the SB Nation network are also launching You Tube channels. Sign up for the SB Nation primary channel as well.

TheBigBlueView: Reel 1 - New York Giants Henry Hynoski Interview (via sbnbigblueview)