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Tom Coughlin: 'The Adult Among The Children'

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I love this piece on New York Giants coach Tom Coughlin that SB Nation New York columnist Jeff Freier put together this morning. Without ruining your desire to read the entire piece, here is a small part:

Coughlin also supposedly can't relate to today's athlete, as he's stuck in some kind of Vince Lombardi throwback time machine. He might as well be wearing a fedora and overcoat on the sidelines. The Giant coach can be hard to understand or he's misunderstood, whichever way you want to look at it, and players around the NFL have stated they don't want to play for the old curmudgeon. But Coughlin has a team-first, organization-first, do-your-job-and-be-on-time philosophy that is all about winning. Nothing else. While that may be tough to take for the modern player, who is used to calling the shots and doing what he pleases, as his entourage and agent whisper in his ear, it can work. ... Sure, the Giant coach may have become a little more flexible over the years and just a tiny bit warmer and fuzzier, establishing a leadership council and even telling his players he loved them the night before the second Super Bowl win over the New England Patriots, but he's the adult among children, and most times the adult knows best.