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New York Giants News And Notes: The Party's Over Edition

Jake Ballard of the New York Giants suffered a torn left ACL in Sunday's Super Bowl.  (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
Jake Ballard of the New York Giants suffered a torn left ACL in Sunday's Super Bowl. (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
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The 2012 Super Bowl Championship Parade is now a memory. A happy one, but still a memory. The confetti has been cleared away, and it is time to get back to business. In the NFL, there is little time for celebrating. It is time for the Giants to work toward the 2012 season.

With that in mind, let's take a look around the Inter-Google in our first post-championship parade notebook.

Ballard joins Beckum in tearing ACL
The Giants announced that TE Jake Ballard tore the ACL in his left knee in the Super Bowl. The news is doubly worse for the team, given fellow TE Travis Beckum also tore his ACL in Sunday’s 21-17 victory over the Patriots.

Ballard had initially told reporters he had suffered a torn meniscus. But subsequent tests revealed the ligament tear. Here is a more personal take on Ballard's injury.

On day of parade, NY Giants defensive end Justin Tuck sends loud-and-clear message to NY Jets: MetLife Stadium is Big Blue house - NY Daily News
The crowd roared one more time as the Giants came through the tunnel and onto the field, and as they did, Justin Tuck took a moment to soak in the color. Everywhere he looked, in this stadium that two teams call home, all he could see was blue.

"Last time we did this it was in Giants Stadium," Tuck said, as he stood on a stage at midfield, behind the Super Bowl trophy. "Now we're in MetLife Stadium.

"But one thing you can be sure of is whose house this is."

Weatherford: No Contract Extension ... Yet
"We’ve been talking for a while, but we haven’t made any progress. We’ve tried to, though," said Weatherford, who signed a one-year deal as a free agent after two years with the Jets. "We’ve kind of shelved negotiations until the Super Bowl’s over, so … but it’s something I think is a priority for both sides. "We should get something done. I’m optimistic." - Giants must make decisions on WR Manningham, CB Ross, among others
The Giants are going to have some tough decisions to make regarding some of their unsigned free agents this spring. news: Warner doesn't buy that Eli is already Hall of Famer
"I fully disagree with that," Warner, an NFL Network analyst and one-time Super Bowl champion, said Tuesday on Arizona Sports 620-AM in Phoenix. "You know, because I know we put a lot of weight on championships, and rightfully so. But championships are won as a team, and I’m fully convinced of that. You never see one guy -- a great player, great quarterback -- carry a team through the playoffs and into a Super Bowl and win a Super Bowl that way. I’ve never seen it. You know, even in that game (Super Bowl XLVI), it’s 21-17. That’s the game. There wasn’t a quarterback just up and down the field carrying the team. Yeah, he made the plays down the stretch -- no question about it. He’s had two great playoff runs -- or his team has had two great playoff runs. But I also look at the rest of his career.

"I mean, he has an 82 quarterback rating throughout his career," Warner continues. "You know, he’s had five of his eight seasons where he has thrown 16 interceptions or more. His completion percentage on his career is 58 percent. To me, those aren’t Hall of Fame numbers, and by that, I mean every time you step on the field you’re a game changer, you’re a difference maker. And I don’t believe Eli Manning has been that guy until this year. ...

"Now, if he plays the same way he played this year, the rest of his career, and you give him five more years, and then add the two championships, then I think we have reason to debate, and he's probably going to be in the Hall of Fame in that position."

President Obama calls Tom Coughlin to congratulate Giants on Super Bowl victory |
Obama tells Coughlin he looks forward to greeting Giants at White House.

Even New York Giants and New England Patriots have offseason issues - NFL News | FOX Sports on MSN
The New York Giants and New England Patriots can return to the Super Bowl if they tackle these offseason issues.

As Manning, Coughlin get their due respect, so should Giants GM Reese - NFL - News, Rumors, Scores, Stats, Fantasy Advice
There is a lesson here and it's an easy one to understand. Reese had earned more trust than he was shown from people both in and out of football, but there were still questions about his acumen. As with Tom Coughlin, those questions should now cease. "Last year we win 10 games and we don't qualify for the tournament and you're not that smart," Reese said earlier this week. "This time, we win nine games, win a division, less games, and now it seems I'm pretty smart again. It just comes with the territory and that's just part of it. It just is what it is."

Every NFL team's path to success in the offseason - Jeff Diamond -
Team Needs: LB, RB, OL. It's hard to nitpick the champs, but there are reasons why the Giants were 7-7 before they started their epic run. Eli and the passing game are outstanding, but the running game ranked last during the regular season (Brandon Jacobs, with his $4.9 million due next year, will likely be released). The Giants also could add some young muscle to the O-line. They'll need to replace Super Bowl hero WR Mario Manningham if he leaves in free agency. The defense ranked 27th in regular season but came on late. Help will be sought at linebacker and in the secondary, but the corner position will improve as 2011 top pick Prince Amukamara takes on a bigger role (a foot injury limited him earlier in the year) and Terrell Thomas returns from his preseason ACL injury. news: Big Blue-print: Lessons learned from another Giants title
he NFL has always been a copycat league. Franchises routinely examine the blueprints of Super Bowl champions to see if there are elements that can be replicated for desired results. This is especially true when a team wins multiple titles in a short span of time.

After watching the New York Giants secure their second title in five seasons, opposing franchises will take away these five lessons. news: Bradying: It's unfortunately sure to catch on
From the people who brought you Tebowing (folks with way too much time on their hands and nothing better to do), comes America's newest sports fad ...


It's lame but still likely to engulf the country like a wild fire. All you've got to do is sit down, extend your legs, hunch your back, and look down.

Whereas Tebowing is a celebration of the thrill of victory, Bradying epitomizes the agony of defeat experienced by the Patriots' quarterback after losing Super Bowl XLVI.