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2012 Super Bowl Recap, Animated Version

I get these animations from 'Next Media Animation' all the time. Some of them are awful and some, like this one, are actually worth a chuckle.

First, you have to get past the really awful-sounding voiceover from someone for whom English is obviously a second language -- and who really has no idea what she is reading. If you can manage that, this is enjoyable.

Madonna, the 'geriatric Lady Gaga impersonator,' is pretty funny. Listen to and watch 'Ahmad Bradshaw's game-winning touchdown canter.' I never quite thought of it that way.

NMA, though, has figured out the secret to why the Giants always beat the Patriots. "Clearly, God favors the Giants ... or , maybe, like a lot of people just hates the Patriots because he's jealous of Tom Brady."

Anyway, enjoy folks! Hopefully you don't think I'm nuts for posting this one.

Super Bowl 2012: Manning clutch as Giants beats Patriots 21-17 (via NMATV)