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New York Giants News and Notes: We Are the Champions My Friend Edition

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Super Bowl Champs! Zak DeOssie holds up a banner proclaiming the Giants as champions. (US Presswire)
Super Bowl Champs! Zak DeOssie holds up a banner proclaiming the Giants as champions. (US Presswire)

Good morning fellow Giants fans. The New York Giants are Super Bowl champions once again, and Eli Manning is Super Bowl MVP once again. Make no mistake, though, this was a team effort and the Giants put together another stunning comeback, with their defense holding at the end when they needed to most. Wow. So let's get right to it--let's see what is being said the morning after Super 46......

Tom Coughlin, who inspires NY Giants, believes he'll be back with Blue gunning for Super Bowl repeat - NY Daily News
Tom Coughlin’s players were passing around the Vince Lombardi Trophy on the podium as the confetti came floating down on their heads with all kinds of New York songs blasting throughout the stadium. The coach had moved some of these tough guys to tears on Saturday night with an emotional speech that ended with him telling them, "I love you." Now he was soaking in another incredible moment following the 21-17 victory over the Patriots in Super Bowl XLVI that finished off one of the great six-game coaching jobs in NFL history. Coughlin has won Super Bowls in his fourth and eighth seasons with the Giants. Bill Parcells won Super Bowls in his fourth and eighth seasons with the Giants and then walked away. Coughlin will be back next season trying to repeat as Super Bowl champions. "I don’t think there is any question," he said.

Eli Manning adds to his legacy after Giants beat Patriots in Super Bowl XLVI - Don Banks -
The rush to answer the legacy questions gets a little tiresome at times these days, with everyone eager to assign, and then re-assign, the "greatest ever'' tag seemingly every other week. But the simple truth is this: When Sunday started, there were only 10 quarterbacks who had won more than one Super Bowl, and now there are 11. You know the names. They read like a who's who of the last five decades at the NFL's most pivotal and glamorous position: San Francisco's Joe Montana and Pittsburgh's Terry Bradshaw were four-time winners. Dallas' Troy Aikman and New England's Tom Brady have three rings. Green Bay's Bart Starr, Miami's Bob Griese, Dallas' Roger Staubach, Denver's John Elway, the Raiders' Jim Plunkett and Pittsburgh's Ben Roethlisberger are in the two-win circle. And so too is Eli Manning, the Manning brother we didn't think we saw greatness in for the longest time.

Politi: Eli Manning solidifies his legacy with Giants' second Super Bowl win over Patriots |
He has the keys to a city now, maybe the keys to the Hall of Fame someday, and certainly the keys to a legacy unrivaled among New York quarterbacks. But the keys to his new Corvette? His 10-month-old daughter Ava had those, turning them into a very expensive teething toy. Eli Manning had handed them to her just minutes after he was named the Super Bowl MVP again — the hot ride comes with the award — and Ava promptly started gnawing away, oblivious to the wild scene around her.

D'Alessandro: In Super Bowl, Giants' Justin Tuck displays everything it takes to be a leader |
For all intents and purposes, Tom Brady’s date with destiny began with No. 91 boring in on him like a demonic rhino on his first snap of the game, and ended with No. 91 eating him up and spitting him out on the 14-yard line with 36 seconds left in the game.

For the second time, Tuck is dominant in Super Bowl but falls short to Manning in MVP | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo! Sports
Four years later, Tuck was even more dominant. He provided the quarterback hurry that forced Brady to take an intentional grounding play in the Patriots' first offensive play from scrimmage, starting the Giants out with a 2-0 lead. Then, he put up three tackles, two more quarterback sacks, three quarterback hits, and was in Brady's face all over again.

New York Giants' Chase Blackburn, a former castoff, grabs key pick against Rob Gronkoswki |
Maybe his stint as an eighth-grade math substitute came in handy, because when Chase Blackburn turned and sprinted downfield early in the fourth quarter of Super Bowl XLVI tonight, he looked like a teacher hustling to break up a playground fight during recess.

Super Bowl — Top Weapon in the Rally to Win It Is Manning -
All season, as the Giants endured injuries and inconsistency, disappointment and dramatics, they could not escape history. Pictures of the franchise’s Hall of Fame players and Super Bowl championships line the walls of the team’s practice facility from the cafeteria to the weight room, and Coach Tom Coughlin hammered the message, over and over, about the meaning of being a Giant. About how this team — this logo — symbolized something more.

Patriots coach Bill Belichick allows Giants’ Ahmad Bradshaw to score touchdown in Super Bowl XLVI -
Ahmad Bradshaw heard Eli Manning’s voice the second the ball was in his arms. "Go down, Ahmad!" Manning screeched. "Get down! Don’t score!" He tried to stop. Tried to stand on the brakes. Tried to fall at the goal line. But by the time he could, his feet were already on the white stripe, he had broken the fabled plane, and all he could do was fall forward.

Mario Manningham beats Patrick Chung, Sterling Moore and the sideline to set up NY Giants' game-winning drive vs. New England Patriots - NY Daily News
In the end, the Giants’ whole remarkable season, their improbable rise from the purgatory of 7-and-7, really came down to two long spirals and two difficult chances for a pair of wide receivers. Wes Welker, the guy who is supposed to catch everything, couldn’t make the play deep, middle left, with four minutes left in the game. The ball from Tom Brady slipped through his hands and with it a chance to seal a fourth Super Bowl victory for New England. Then Mario Manningham grabbed a pass that dropped in over his shoulder from Eli Manning, somehow kept his feet in bounds on the left sideline for a 38-yard gain with 3:39 remaining to set up the winning drive for the 21-17 victory. Manningham beat both Patrick Chung and Sterling Moore. Mostly, though, Manningham beat the sideline. The Giants were on their way. They get to occupy Wall Street on Tuesday, another parade.

Wes Welker left thinking about what could have been after fourth quarter drop against NY Giants in Super Bowl - NY Daily News
One of those plays was a crucial drop by Wes Welker when the Pats had a chance to put the game away. Leading, 17-15, with just over four minutes left in the game, a wide-open Welker couldn’t hold on to a high second-down throw.

Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth play Mario Manningham's fourth-quarter catch perfectly in Super Bowl XLVI - NY Daily News
Michaels’ call was straightforward. It was a tough catch worthy of Al Exigente cranking up the volume. Then he turned things over to Collinsworth, who had been critical of Manningham’s route running ("he fades his routes" toward the sidelines) earlier in the game. Now Collinsworth, properly, played it cautiously. He has done enough games to know even if a catch looks like a catch it’s not always a catch in the NFL. "It’s not quite David Tyree but it’s close," Collinsworth said. Yeah, he could’ve said it was Tyree minus the glue but we’ll cut him some slack.

Hakeem Nicks leads way with 10 catches for New York Giants in 21-17 Super Bowl XLVI win over New England Patriots -
You have to hand it to Hakeem Nicks. Nicks was simply brilliant in the Giants’ 21-17 Super Bowl XLVI triumph over the Patriots, starring in his first career Super Bowl and pacing every one on the field in catches (10) and yards (109).

Super Bowl — Manning’s Demeanor Speaks Volumes for Giants -
Unlike a small number of boisterous Giants, Eli Manning rode the high road to championship heaven, officially making it a habit of besting Tom Brady and the Patriots in the Super Bowl. No brag, just fact. Manning set a Super Bowl record by completing his first nine passes. Brady bettered him with a record 16 straight. But Manning had the ball late in the fourth quarter and that, Brady knew, was going to be trouble.

NY Giants' Ahmad Bradshaw creates strange moment as he fails to burn clock on game-winning touchdown |
Ahmad Bradshaw insists that he tried to do what everyone wanted him to. As he barreled toward the end zone through the parting New England Patriots defense, he knew that he should’ve taken a knee and help the Giants bleed out the clock. There was less than a minute to go, but as he split through his offensive line, he held up right in front of the goal line. He tried to down himself, but didn’t get far enough to the ground. So he did the next best thing: He scored.

Izenberg: Giants can credit this Super Bowl crown to their defense |
If you’re the Giants, you don’t beat them with mystique. You don’t beat them with gimmicks or razzmatazz. You beat them with a simple, basic, eye-to-eye and belly-to-belly hole card … the one that has won virtually all championships from the leather helmet days to Sunday night’s incredible Super Bowl. It’s called defense.

Archie Manning praises son Eli after Giants win over Patriots in Super Bowl -
The rest of the football world can mull the now-likely prospect of two Manning brothers one day getting into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, but you can count their father out. Archie Manning, 62, wanted no part of that discussion last night, even after son Eli claimed the second Super Bowl MVP award of his career by rallying the Giants to a 21-17 win over the Patriots at Lucas Oil Stadium.

With Super Bowl XLVI win over Patriots, NY Giants' Eli Manning proves once again he is one of the most clutch athletes New York has ever seen - NY Daily News
This was the night, in the second Super Bowl against the Patriots, the second time he won the game for his team in the last minute of a Super Bowl, that Eli Manning made it all official, that he is not just one of the great clutch quarterbacks in the history of his sport, but as great a clutch athlete as we have ever had in New York, in anything. Nobody takes his team down the field and does it like this twice with an NFL championship on the line, not Johnny Unitas or Joe Montana or anybody. Only now Eli has.

In Super Bowl XLVI, just like in Super Bowl XLII, NY Giants' Tom Coughlin outcoaches New England Patriots' Bill Belichick again - NY Daily News
Bill Belichick played rope a dope Sunday, nearly sending another gameplan to the Hall of Fame. But all it took was for Eli Manning and Mario Manningham to land one late punch, an example of that perseverance that carried the Giants to another Super Bowl championship.

Patriots' Wes Welker drops crucial pass in Super Bowl loss to Giants |
Wearing a blank stare, choking back the emotion bubbling up through his throat, Welker did not blame his quarterback. He did not blame the quick, nervous throw that was a little high and wide to avoid a defender. He did not blame the brightest lights in the world around him tonight.

Super Bowl XLVI 2012: Eli Manning the hero as the New York Giants defeat New England Patriots - Telegraph
The Giants had endured a difficult season but timed their run of form perfectly as Eli Manning answered his critics emphatically to edge out Brady in a rematch of the 2008 NFL championship. Quarter-back Manning took New York to victory on that occasion, too. He won the MVP award here with a champion's performance.

Super Bowl: New England Patriots' decision to trade touchdown for fourth-quarter time takes New York Giants by surprise - San Jose Mercury News
Coach Bill Belichick's decision to trade a touchdown for time surprised Bradshaw, who didn't expect to have such an easy path to the end zone and heard quarterback Eli Manning yelling at him to stop short of the goal line. New York would have rather run more time off the clock and let kicker Lawrence Tynes finish it off with a field goal to win by a single point. Tynes was warming up on the sideline when Bradshaw got the handoff.

Super Bowl Champion Giants to Get Ticker-Tape Parade in New York on Feb. 7 - Bloomberg
The parade will begin on Battery Place and Washington Street at 11 a.m. local time and continue through the financial district, an area known as the "Canyon of Heroes," Bloomberg said in a statement. A ceremony will follow at City Hall Plaza.

Super Bowl 2012 - Are the New York Giants the NFL's next dynasty? - ESPN
New York Giants fans can be forgiven for getting a little greedy after Sunday's win made them only the third NFL franchise in the past 11 years to win multiple championships. The reason? This team has the core to continue to compete for titles next season and beyond. General manager Jerry Reese has assembled a terrific core that can go toe-to-toe with the league's best, and though the Giants had their usual late-season dive in the standings, they made the playoffs and proved their mettle en route to a Super Bowl triumph.

And I will leave you guys with this, because what is a championship morning notebook without a Flavor Flav reference?........

You want to watch Tom Coughlin hug Flavor Flav | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo! Sports
New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin has the reputation of being tough, hard-nosed, and not exactly a party animal. He changed that reputation with one hug of FLAVVVVORRRR FLLLLAAAAAVVVVVV!

We are the champions, my friends. Yes, we are. Once again.