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Super Bowl Thoughts ... Or, Why Does The Clock Move So Slowly?

Tick, tick, tick. The clock can't get to 6:30 p.m. ET for the 2012 Super Bowl kickoff between the New York Giants and New England Patriots fast enough.

Too much time to think, and write. I can't imagine what this wait must be like for a player. Anyway, while the minutes tick slowly away here are some of the Giants-related things I am thinking about.

  • I am thinking about how great I would feel for Giants coach Tom Coughlin if he earns a second Super Bowl title today. Coughlin might be the most-maligned successful coach in NFL history, and a victory MIGHT just finally shut everyone up.
  • I am thinking about how quickly the Eli-bashers will come out if the Giants lose today. Shoot, I am wondering how long it will take them to start up again even if the Giants win today.
  • I am thinking about Rob Gronkowski's ankle, and its potential impact on the game.
  • Thinking about Gronkowski's ankle makes me think (unfortunately) about Steve Tisch's feet, and how disgustingly dirty they must be.
  • I am thinking about Vince Wilfork. How does a man with an apparent village living inside his uniform move that quickly?
  • I am thinking that I really, really hope Julian Edelman doesn't make a play on defense today for New England that makes me wish Victor Cruz and Mario Manningham had duct-taped their mouths shut this week when asked about Edelman.
  • I am thinking about how much grief the Giants will take if they lose after accidentally proclaiming themselves champions on their website Saturday afternoon.
  • I am thinking that this could be the final game in Giants uniforms for a lot of familiar names -- Brandon Jacobs, Osi Umenyiora, Kareem McKenzie, Deon Grant and a few others.
  • I am actually wondering if Kelly Clarkson can manage not to screw up the national anthem this evening.
  • I am thinking about whether or not we will get to see at least one of these from the real salsa dancer this evening.