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New York Giants News And Notes: Tom Coughlin's Magnificent Blur

Tom Coughlin said Friday that life since the Super Bowl victory has been a "magnificent blur." Sure, but he certainly doesn't look happy to be answering questions from the media again. (Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE)
Tom Coughlin said Friday that life since the Super Bowl victory has been a "magnificent blur." Sure, but he certainly doesn't look happy to be answering questions from the media again. (Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE)

Good morning, New York Giants fans! Let's take our Saturday morning stroll around the Inter-Google for news and notes of interest. Blogs " Blog Archive Giants’ Coughlin enjoying Indy return, discusses business "
It was just 19 days ago that Giants coach Tom Coughlin was here at Lucas Oil Stadium, basking in the glory of his second Super Bowl championship in five seasons.

Oh, how sweet it is being back. The welcome throughout this city has been with open arms.

"At every street corner, no matter who," Coughlin said Friday at the NFL Scouting Combine. "No matter if there’s a gentleman over at the hotel, or someone that I meet crossing the street, or the gentlemen in the red coats here as you walk in the door here. They’ve all been very gracious.

"It’s a great feeling. It’s a little bit of a blur, but it’s a magnificent blur."

Combine notebook: Tight ends wanted - Giants Blog - ESPN New York

PROTECTING THE LINE: Coughlin defended his offensive line when someone asked the head coach about the Giants’ O-line in his press conference. “Well, I would argue with you about talent,” Coughlin said. “It's a very talented offensive line. Two out of the past four Super Bowls we've just won, and it basically was the same guys, give or take one or two. Eli [Manning has] always been a quick decision-maker, but the combination of our protection schemes, our athletes up front, the quarterback's ability to get the ball out quickly. That has served us very well because our sack numbers over the years have been down. That may be that one game Eli was exceptional at getting rid of the ball, but it comes down to protection as well. We're certainly a good offensive line, but in every circumstance, you have to continue to build and develop and bring along young players."

Coughlin Kevin Gilbride Jr. not going anywhere - Giants Blog - ESPN New York
Coughlin also explained why he would not allow Tampa to talk to offensive assistant Kevin Gilbride, Jr.

"Kevin is an outstanding young coach," Coughlin said. "He has got great energy, has got great enthusiasm, is very very good at his job, players enjoy working with him. A couple of years ago he was in the college game. Today he is a world champion. We lost two coaches from our offensive staff and the prospect of going forward, the responsibility that I have, while I am very interested in his career, I think he will an outstanding coach for the New York Giants going forward but we have to put our hands around our situation first.

"Our staff had lost two on that side of the ball," Coughlin added. "We’re not training coaches so they can go somewhere else to work."

Looks as if the younger Gilbride is likely in for a promotion.

Where does Manningham fit on the FA priority list? | National Football Post
When breaking down the Giants Mario Manningham, I see a WR that can run the vertical route tree, the deep curl and produce out a bunch or a stack look. A solid No.2 on your roster--when paired with a No.1 that can put stress on a defensive game plan.

The WR -- who will likely become a free agent next month according to Pro Football Talk -- could be a fit for multiple teams that want to add depth and competition to their roster.

Plus, Manningham did show the ability to make plays in crucial game situations this postseason. Go back to the catch he made on the deep 9 (fade) route vs. the Patriots Cover 2 in the Super Bowl or the TD on the inside slant in the red zone vs. the Packers. news: Scouting combine kicks off lying season around the NFL
As one league executive told me, the combine is one part playing convention, one part lying convention. And the lies are certainly starting to flow.

The player convention is the easy part. Workouts on the Lucas Oil Stadium turf allow players to showcase their talents for all 32 NFL teams. The lying part of the convention happens in every downtown hotel, restaurant and bar. Teams send out mixed signals to agents of players about to hit the market. Agents, in return, claim their player is the hottest free agent available and that multiple teams are interested. This is poker season in the NFL and the smart executives who can read a bluff always will prevail. But there will be a few teams who listen to an agent's pitch and get suckered in under the pretense, "We have to have this player."

Agents love to hear that phrase. It means more money is coming and teams have a hard time backing off. Never should a team be at the mercy of one player because there are so many options in finding talent. Teams must determine which players are replaceable, and which players aren't. Teams that don't give themselves options in every situation will make mistakes -- costly mistakes.

Daytona 500 Preview: NASCAR To Honor Giants' 'NASCAR' Package - SB Nation New York
When the Super Bowl champion New York Giants put four pass-rushing defensive ends on the field to terrorize opposing quarterbacks, they call that defensive package 'NASCAR.' It is often just too fast and powerful for offensive lines to handle.

Well, with NASCAR's showcase event, the Daytona 500, set for Sunday it seems fitting that NASCAR would include several members of the Giants 'NASCAR' package in the event's festivities.

Giants' Aaron Ross, an unrestricted free agent, says he wants to be back |
"Of course, of course," Ross told the Star-Ledger after a MAB Celebrity Services appearance in Franklin Lakes today. "I’ve been here five years so that’s like asking me if I want to go back to (Texas). I invested four years there and five years here so my heart is here." The Giants currently have just two cornerbacks under contract for next season -- Corey Webster and Prince Amukamara. "It’s up to them," Ross said. "It’s completely up to them if they want to bring me back or not. I don’t get into it too much. I don’t worry about it. My agent, he’ll take care of it." news: What to watch: Key prospects to follow for all 32 teams
Jerry Reese is a strong believer in taking the best available player over addressing the team's biggest need. Given the last pick in Round 1, the Giants will study Stanford TE Coby Fleener and Clemson TE Dwayne Allen to obtain a better feel for their upside and potential. The team could also look at offensive tackle candidates like Ohio State's Mike Adams and Florida State's Zebrie Sanders as potential replacements at different values.