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2011-2012 Giants Season In Review, Week 6: Giants 27, Bills 24

The New York Giants faced the Buffalo Bill at MetLife Stadium in Week 6. That is back when the Bills had a 4-1 record and people actually -- and in the end mistakenly -- thought the Bills would be a good team in 2011.

The Giants won the game, 27-24, on a 23-yard field goal by Lawrence Tynes with 1:32 remaining. As was the case most of the season, this game wasn't easy for the Giants -- not nearly as easy as it could have been.

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Eli manning went 21-of-32 for 292 yards, and Ahmad Bradshaw rushed for 104 yards. The Giants, though, continued to have annoying and costly breakdowns on defense. They gave up an 80-yard touchdown run to Buffalo's Fred Jackson on a simple handoff up the middle, and a 60-yard touchdown pass to Naaman Roosevelt on a quick slant over the middle -- neither of which were plays that should have had that kind of result.

The Giants overcame the defensive blunders, though, thanks to their offense and two brilliant interceptions by Corey Webster. The second interception stalled a potential Buffalo scoring drive inside the Giants 5-yard line and set up Tynes' winning kick.

The Giants were 4-2 at this point in the season.