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PFF Pass Blocking Efficiency, Guards And Centers: Please Hide Me From David Diehl

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On Tuesday we talked about the 2011 Pass Blocking Efficiency Ratings from Pro Football Focus for offensive tackles. The numbers were ugly for David Diehl and Kareem McKenzie of the New York Giants.

Well, today we are back with PFF's Pass Blocking Efficiency Ratings for guards and centers. Since I am passing this along all I can do is ask that none of you tell Diehl where I live. He's a lot bigger than I am, and my guess is he can outrun me.

Yes, the ratings for guards are not kind to the Giants' veteran offensive lineman. PFF ranks Diehl as the worst pass blocking guard among 72 NFL linemen who played at least 200 snaps at the position. Diehl surrendered five sacks, two hits, and 28 hurries on the 280 occasions he lined up to pass protect at guard. That equated to an efficiency rating of 92.8.

Like me, PFF's Khaled Elsayed would like to stay far, far away from Diehl at this point. He wrote:

"Honestly, we're not trying to start a fight with a big guy like David Diehl, but rather just pointing out some numbers. Yesterday we told you he was the worst-ranked tackle in the league when it came to giving up pressure, and he's about to complete the double, because he's also the worst-ranked guard. The Giants' lineman gave up five sacks, two hits, and 28 hurries on the 280 occasions he lined up to pass protect at guard; comfortably worse than the next weakest effort by Zane Beadles of the Denver Broncos. Diehl may bring a lot to the table off the field, but simply put, if you're watching him on it, you're likely to be watching him get beat wherever he lines up."

As for me, I am pleading for Diehl's mercy. Dave, when somebody inevitably brings this to your attention remember I didn't compile these numbers. I'm just the messenger.

How about center David Baas? Well, he ranked 25th out of 34 centers rated by PFF. Baas allowed 12 pressures in 369 snaps, finishing with a 97.6 pass blocking efficiency rating.