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New York Giants News and Notes: Slow News Monday Edition

Good morning, fellow Giants fans. It's now been two weeks since the Giants won Super Bowl 46, and all of the hype and analysis has begun to die down outside of places like BBV, where our Giants are covered year-round. Which means hunting and pecking for new information can be a challenge, at least until free agency talk begins in earnest in about ten days. I will say that I watched a Knicks game Sunday for the first time in, well, decades, and it was pretty exciting to see the Garden all fired up. But it's going to be a long haul until the NFL starts up again. Meanwhile, let's see what's brewing on the Big Blue Web....

My Tortured Relationship with the New York Giants -
Now, you might find it preposterous that anyone could be made miserable by a team that has won two of the last five Super Bowls. But the roots of my Giants miserabilism run deep. My father, otherwise an uncommonly cheerful man, approached Giants fandom as a Viennese-style exercise in high neurosis. I inherited this perverse trait from him. Whether it was in the stadium or at home, he and I watched every game in a sustained state of anxiety, forever envisioning worst-case scenarios.

This is a great story that I know many of us can relate to, whether our dads are still with us or not. I started watching the Giants with my dad in the early '70's, and we suffered through some very bad football until Big Blue became contenders a decade later. And I was happy he called me immediately after both the NFC title game and the Super Bowl to share in the moment.

New York Giants, New York Knicks and New York Rangers? The city has had an awesome February - ESPN New York
If you've been walking around New York lately and it feels like tectonic plates are shifting, it's probably not the subway rumbling beneath your feet, for a change. The sports gods are back to smiling on the local teams. Just look around. Take inventory. The magic is back. First the New York Giants finished off their shocking playoff run with another magical Super Bowl victory over the favored New England Patriots. Then Linsanity came from nowhere. It mushroomed so out of control, a fellow reporter told me that when Knicks overnight sensation Jeremy Lin drilled a 3-pointer with 0.5 seconds left to beat Toronto on Tuesday night, fans in the Manhattan bar where he was watching the game literally shrieked and bobbed around, hugging each other as if the Knicks had just won the NBA title. And soon there was an even funnier reaction shown on TV. The Lakers -- whom Lin had torched for 38 points just days earlier -- were watching the Knicks game live, and a roar went up in their locker room when Lin hit his shot. Lakers swingman Metta World Peace (the artist formerly known as Ron Artest from Queens) started running around shouting, "LINSANITY! LINSANITY!"

Inside the Marketing Playbook of the New York Giants | CMO Strategy - Advertising Age
It's been a good ride for the New York Giants and their CMO Mike Stevens since he joined the franchise in 2006, after spending nearly four years with the divisional foe Washington Redskins. During his tenure, the team has won two Super Bowl championships -- both dramatic victories over the New England Patriots, and has built a new stadium that will host the 2014 Super Bowl. Mike Stevens Mike Stevens During the past few years, Mr. Stevens has helped the Giants revamp their content offerings, building out a mini-media business that aims to intimately connect fans with the team's players in a way that mainstream media outlets often can't do.

Report: Bucs hire Bob Bostad as O-line coach - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have hired Bob Bostad to be the offensive line coach, according to Alex Marvez of Bostad comes from Pitt where he just landed after leaving Wisconsin to follow Paul Chryst, the new Panthers’ head coach. Three of Bostad’s linemen were drafted last April, including tackle Gabe Carimi, a first-round pick of the Chicago Bears. Bostad had been rumored to be headed to the Bears to work under Mike Tice but he ended up leaving Pitt after a very short stay to go to the Bucs. Bostad will work under Mike Sullivan, who was hired as offensive coordinator after serving as the quarterbacks coach of the New York Giants.

Are any of you wondering what it's going to be like facing Bill Sheridan this coming season?

What a Year for Herzlich - ESPN Video - ESPN
ESPN Video: Mark Herzlich calls in to NFL Live to talk about winning the Super Bowl, the NFL prospects of Boston College linebacker Luke Kuechly, and adjusting from college football to the NFL.

Correction: Super Bowl-Measles story - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
In a story Feb. 15, The Associated Press reported erroneously that a recent measles outbreak in Indiana had been traced to a Super Bowl event. Two people among the 13 infected visited the Super Bowl Village in downtown Indianapolis, but health officials do not suspect they were initially exposed to the disease at the outdoor festival.

Phil Sheridan: For Phils, reaching playoffs only half the battle -
Two weeks ago, as the New York Giants were celebrating their second Super Bowl title in five years, the impulse was to look for lessons the Eagles might learn from Eli Manning and his mates. As the first pitches of the long baseball season are thrown in Clearwater, let's ask what the Phillies can learn. Not from the Giants, but from Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, and the New England Patriots. That lesson goes something like this: History happens to some people. It is made by others.

I know that came from an Eagles' paper--but it's interesting to read Sheridan's take on how the Phillies can learn from Tom Brady and the Patriots.

Finally, I leave you guys with this. I don't know how many Giants' 2011 season DVDs will be produced and distributed, but I received an e-mail on Friday about the one being put out by Vivendi Entertainment in conjunction with the NFL and NFL Films, called Deja Blue. It releases on March 6, and I for one cannot wait to get mine, and to lock myself in a room and watch every minute of that thing.