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Super Bowl Eats

It's become an annual ritual for me in my monthly column on called Grub for Guys--a handful of Super Bowl recipes each year at this time This is the fourth straight year I've done it, creating all-new recipes (preceded by turning our house into a test kitchen), and so when Ed asked me to put up a food post this week, we decided that the best thing to do would be to put up a single post linking back to all four of those Super Bowl snack columns.

So, my Big Blue friends, I give to you some ideas for Super Bowl grub, assuming you aren't too nervous to eat the way I was for the NFC title game. Nah, everyone has to pig out on Super Sunday! Here we go.....

Super Bowl Spread I (2009): Slow-roasted BBQ ribs, spicy salami sliders, killer taco dip, savory cilantro chili corn muffins,

Super Bowl Spread II (2010): Buffalo turkey meatballs, steak bites, olive poppers, smoky chipotle chip dip, fiery snack mix

Super Bowl Spread III (2011): Buffalo chicken nachos (it's becoming tradition now to do something with wing sauce), brat and Wisconsin cheddar mini-pizzas, deep fried pierogies, apple bacon brownies

Super Bowl Spread IV (2012): Queso meatballs, ham/avocado/corn tostadas, pizza potato skins, easier Italian beef sandwiches, grill and chill Buffalo poppers

Here is a bonus recipe too, and one that I usually make several times during football season--smoked chicken wings. I use an indoor smoker that my wife got me for my birthday about five years ago--that thing is amazing. Every time I make those wings for a football get-together, they're a huge hit. Of course, this would require you to go buy one of these things before Sunday. Just tell your wife that Mikey said it's okay.

I just realized I have a deep fryer that hasn't had much use lately. Hmmmm. I'm hungry. Enjoy, and if you guys have any questions about any of these recipes, feel free to drop me an e-mail.